"Less is more" - sometimes those magical words could really describe about my style. Personally i am a kinda busy young lady that have to jump and jump again to one and another place quickly everyday. So this outfit could be perfectly suit for every woman that have a high mobility like me. Just put a basice volume pashmina, basic light t-shirts with leather ornaments on each shoulder and arm by Layra Diana which can make your appearance effortlessly cool, basic trouser, and jelly shoes also basic clutch bag and a dream catcher-necklace. So ladies, let us run the world and catch our dream by our actions. Stop dreaming without actions, because the gap between dreams and reality is our actions, so let's move baby! ;) 
Ayu Sugeng 
Pashmina and long sleeve t-shirts: Layra Diana
Pants: The Executive
Jelly Shoes: 3th
Necklace: S! fashion Items
Photographer: Sarah Fitria