Starting from the famous peachy instagram feed, coral eyeshadow and lipstick trend in 2018 , guess what i predicted it right? 2019's Pantone Color; such as Living Coral ! Personally feel that this shade is really appealing, which i also found fresh and simply eye-widening. Ahead of 2019, why not raise a toast to living coral outfit?

Few days ago, i and my sister just got our photoshoot done at Istora Senayan. Red weeds that are flooding over the area is my first catch that day. Feeling so proud all over again for the improvement of Gelora Bung Karno especially for Istora Senayan.  The ambience really complement my living coral OOTD that day! <3

My living coral dress constitutes as a pop statement of color, lovee it!. At the same time, it slightly feels like it comes in longsleeve and a skirt, isn't it?

 Meanwhile, i want to make it appear as  top-notch piece , i paired it with white berret . I know some of you guys wanna rock some quirky color, whilst pairing it with plain black or white accessories or another outfit would help, enhancing your look. Hear me out!

Near from Istora  Senayan, used to be homestay for Jokowi and the other state officials for ASIAN GAMES 2018

Single tip to get your best shot without any distraction:

- Make sure you come early as you might probably have to make some approvals to shoot there (cause i did) and it takes almost an hour.
- As you will soak in sun's exposure, use sunscreen for face and body beforehand
- Red weed can cause your skin itchy or whatsoever, if you have sensitive skin i suggest you to wear not-so-revealing outfit. And please immediately take a bath after u get home.

Uh, i almost forget that you might need to bring drink or food by yourself (for long shoot) , chances are, sun exposure gets u dehydrated or you couldnt by any f&b as if there is not any peddler there.

Here are in another favorite shots taken :



Look no further for inspiration:

Dress: My birthday gift
But you can take a look at online shop; seeling Korean or Hongkong outfit system (bet they have this kinda korean-look dress) Have an eye for @JJ_label @Blaika_co
Berret: Bought it in SG long time ago
Heeled Mules: @iwearbatis

Cheers to amazing year ahead, are you already playing with Living Coral color? Let me know ;D

Love, Ker.