As someone who is not really into and collecting fancy bags nor shoes, at first i dont really pay attention at some cleaning services that have been spread anywhere now in Surabaya due to high demand.
I’ve always been thought that whats actually the difference if we just clean it up by ourselves at home, unlesssss– you have an extremely fancy shmancy stuff made of snake-skin whatsoever then you definitely need some extra cleaning as well.
I have shoes and some bags but so far i always try to clean them up myself as long as it doesnt look that muddy, considering i dont go out much.
However, i have this one favorite white running shoes that i often use for excercising walking around my residential area. Hence among all the shoes (heels,boots,sneakers) that i have, this one is considered the dirtiest lol.

Speaking of which, i was lucky enough to get a voucher from ClozetteID (@clozetteID) few weeks back to experience a well-known cleaning service in Surabaya named YOUR BAG SPA (IG : @yourbagspa) that has just opened at Galaxy Mall. Thank God that Mall is my ride or die coz it’s just near my house so i took the opportunity without thinking ehe.

Thank you, ClozetteID !
Just so you know, Your Bag Spa also provides bag cleaning with various price ranges too of course — depend on the sizes and material. The bigger the pricey-er.

Not only cleaning, Your Bag Spa also provides recolor, repair, and coating your stuff.
Therefore, i took these grubby-looking running shoes to Your Bag Spa and
Here is the complete price list for shoes and bag.

My first impression when I came in is the place is not too big but it is so well-designed and so comfy with all the cozy ambience created when we got in.

There are some (designer-brand) bags displayed on display shelves, along with various bag straps.
The female staff there was so polite and could communicate well when we asked things.
After i handed her my shoes, she processed everything so quick from taking picture of my shoes to hand me the receipt for me to be signed.

She said she would chat me through Whatsapp if my shoes are finished.
I felt like i could stay there for hours to just wait for my stuff to get done as it is so cozy and the couch is so soft lol but i gotta go back home cz it will take approx 7 days . Yerp, it takes quite long hence I expect a satisfying result as well.

Though, i like how honest the staff is when she told me in advance that since my shoes are white, she can not fully guarantee that it would go back as new. And i’m completely okay with that.

Since it took about a week to get done, i chatted the WA number that listed in the receipt to ask whether my shoes are finished or not. The admin told me that the staffs were still trying their best to make it as clean as new– which i fully understand since my shoes are white. I do really respect their effort on cleaning my shoes, surely profesional.

When i got back to Your Bag Spa to pick up my good, the staff hand me a paper bag with my shoes inside. I was like, wow they gave me a satin-y dust bag as well. How thoughtful! Haha.

And there you can see the before – after below



And after seeing the result, im quite impressed that the visible stain on my shoes are almost gone, considering i know it is hard to be completely squeaky clean since the basic color is white. Not to mention, my shoes smell so gewwwd as well.

Overall, im satisfied with all the services and result. This place really suit you, the bags and shoes collectors, as they provide complete services with profesional cleaning technique and all.

So if you guys want to do a cleaning treatment for your goods, go to the nearest Your Bag Spa in your city. For those Surabayanese, you can go to Galaxy Mall 2 Lantai 3 (near Toko Gunung Agung) or simply check out their IG @yourbagspa for more informations.

Hope it helps!