Have you ever felt like you're so lazy doing your make up but still wanna rock the day? If you ever, then you're now on the right spot! Great lipstick will help, granting you decent look without making too much effort. Without any further do, i'll show you one, Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick old and the newest Les Chocolats Series. Watch out for the further review and swatches!


Here it is, the latest product from L'Oreal Paris which contains very intense matte color. It claims to be long lasting up to 16 hours. It comes with 8 shades that will go with any make up look, from red, brown until purple shades, all available in this collection. Darker shades are my favorite, fyi! hahaha


I wonder at the first time reaching this product, what's the difference with the previous one? Yup, i notice the yummy chocolate smell at the first breath. I feel like i am eating super delicious chocolate whilst applying this product, every time! This series also come with 8 shades, apparently so much different with the original one. The shades are way lighter but some of them are identical.. Keep reading!


This two versions of infallible pro matte liquid lipsticks do have the same packaging, the difference is only the color. Comes with it my favorite type of applicator, reservoir tip with a hollow well in the middle to give extra pigment and fullest point. The packaging bottle is bigger than the actual lip packaging. But luckily it is thin in packaging form. When you apply it, it doesn't feel heavy on the hand.


A single tip to only dip it once to cover your full lips. It is already enough even to cover your dark lip, wow pigmentation! You can apply it from the front side of the wand for your lower lip and the other side to your upper lips. And pleased to use your lip balm at least 30 minutes before application. Its needed to make sure that your lip is already moisted. Actually it helps the product lingers longer on your lip tho!! *wink*


After testing out for days, i can guarantee that this one has really intense and vivid pigmentation. Colors are very pretty! The texture is quite tacky at first, but once it's all set, it dries down to matte finish with little shine. Yes, it does take  time to make sure that it is really set. Meanwhile, as i already suggested, only dip it once. Too much will cause tackier feeling. The color oxidies a bit while it dries down, which i found really normal. 

Moving on, It doesn't flaky but the color fades out a bit if you eat oily food, other than that is fine. On my dry lips, it lasts 10+ hours long. Yes, the pigmentation is insanely that good! 


This kind of longlasting liquid lipstick is suitable for everyone who is lazy to touch ups like me! HAHA I find some of  the les chocolats colors best to accompany  cool tone skin, especially the lighter one. The scent of the les chocolats version points a good one for me. Other than that, both of them has the same texture and proven efficiancy on my lips. And again, always and always use lip balm first for maximal result. It might be tacky at first, but again once its all set, its just way too pretty on the lips!

+ Pigmentation
+ Smudge proof and kissproof
+ Staying power, super long-lasting!

-  Packaging is quite bulky
- Tacky feeling (only before it's set)



See you on my next exciting review and swatches loves. Snatch it and cheers to the weekend!

Love, Ker