Hi Girls, with Elsa again but I'm not princess Elsa in Frozen HAHAHA!!!
As a women I always thingking about appearence especially what I am wear and it's depends too. Sometimes I want like princess so I must using such as dress, mini dress or gown but sometimes I want wear simple outfit like tshirt with jeans or pants. So I prefer better to choose jeans for a short time. 
Of course everyone have a "jeans" in outfit, because besides simple it's giving a comfortable to the user. I'm not really like jeans for my outfit especially in hot weather it's make me sweating. I think at that time it will be very disturbing my activities because it was very very hot. But when I'm combine with cutie top I'm forget for my concern HAHA. Other than that, I also combined my outfit with high heels so that I look perfect. I'm smile and excited take a photo and Ming so nice too HAHA. 
So, this is my super cutie outfit and I really love this photo too :)

What I am Wear 
Sexy Top : Mango 
Jeans : Rosetz
Higheels : ICONinety9
Bag : Miniso 

You must be curious about this place so last saturday I and Ming going to Bogor and visit one place where this place I know from friends blog too. I'm so excited when she post, so Iam asking her. 
Kopi Nako was the name of this place. It's so cute, elegant and really fresh place. They were provide menu breakfast and lunch, coffee and snack. They have two room, one room have 2 floor : first floor heavy meal such Indonesia food and second floor for sitting an smoking area and AC. Another room for coffee. You can order coffee while taking photos like me xoxoxo

This for order coffee and drinks

They giving good idea for this koi fish view. Everyone can see this fish, water was so clean too. I'm really love this idea :). I orders this drinks and it was really delicious. I can't drink coffee so I order this fresh one and it was helped me from thirsty.

This was front view of Kopi Nako

I'm interesting for this stairs. It's very good angle so I'm took some photo and here it was

And the other side,the cactus tree in the corner of the room stole my attention, it was really adorable 

Last picture I'm not edit because I want to show you the real this place :)

Over all I'm really like this place and my outfit too. My jeans so really comfortable in this photo and make me always smile in every picture haha. Ming also invited me to joke so I laughed out loud haha. Thank you Ming for this photo too.

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