If you ever did a research about the best snack for souvenir from Japan, there are several results shown up. Tokyo Banana, Tokyo Milk Cheese, Kit Kat, Pocky, those are the most popular snacks with many variant that you can get in every city in Japan. Among all those popular snacks, there is one snack which nominated as the best snack to bring home in Japan, Shiroi Koibito cookies. This cookies very popular for its delicacy. Thin yet buttery cookies, with white chocolate or milk chocolate in between, Shiroi Koibito have a perfect taste and sweetness level for its cookies.

Shiroi Koibito cookies is a popular souvenir from Hokkaido, precisely in Sapporo. Therefore, when we were visiting Sapporo, we didn't want to missed any chance to visit the factory of this cookies. Besides, they also have a park which looks magical on winter. We were going to the park after had a great lunch at Nijo Market. The nearest station to the park is Miyanosawa station which can be reached easily by a train ride - Tozai Line (¥290) from Odori station. From Miyanosawa station, we need to walk for around 700 metres (10 minutes) to go to the park. Actually, 10 minutes walk is not too far. However since the weather was really cold and windy, it felt quite far for us.

After run a little bit (because we couldn't stay last long to be outside), finaly we spotted the park and it's totally wonderful. With many Christmas decorations, and covered by snow, it's a paradise - especially for kids. Aurelia was asking permission to join with other kids at the park, but I didn't think it's a good idea because the weather was really really cold. So I told her to get inside first to warmed our bodies, and played later.

To get inside to the factory, we need to buy the tickets which costs ¥600 for adults and ¥200 for children. After bought the tickets, we were given a cookie for each person before start our walking tour. It's the first time I tried the cookies, and I understood why it's so popular. I got the white chocolate flavor and it's soooo tasty. No wonder people said that their white chocolate is the bomb.

The factory is not as big as I thought. However, it was designed beautifully with many antique stuffs. We were finishing this walking tour in less than 30 minutes before finally arrived at the famous Chocolate Lounge. The Chocolate Lounge is a cafe which located at the 4th floor. With wide window glass, you can enjoy a beautiful view outside from this height. This cafe was beautifully decorated with antique furniture from England. To be honest we were not too hungry at that time. We just wanted to try their dessert and hot white chocolate drink as it's their specialty. Since it was on a peak season, this place was really crowded. We were asked to wait for about an hour to get a table.

Queueing at The Chocolate Lounge
While waiting for the table, Aurelia joined "Shiroi Koibito Cookie-Making Lesson" which located right next to The Chocolate Lounge. There are 2 type of lesson that we could choose, bake cookies or just decorate the cookie. Since bake cookies would take a long time, so she just chose to decorate the cookie.
Kitchen Situation
Always wash your hand before touch food

Finished with the cookie making lesson, finally it's time for us to enjoy their desserts. We ordered their recommended menu, not forgetting the famous hot white chocolate drink. Well, I would said that Japanese desserts never failed me. It has a perfect sweetness level, and I also could smell the Hokkaido milk which makes all dessert taste better. We really enjoyed our time at this chocolate lounge.

If you hate waiting, some desserts also could be take away at The Chocolate Lounge

View from the window at The Chocolate Lounge

Before we're leaving this place, we took a time for play at the park. It was already night but it still crowded and full of children playing around. At night, Shiroi Koibito park looks more magical, especially with colourful lights from the winter illumination. Not just kids, but I also liked to be in this paradise. Even though the weather was really cold, but the laugh from happy children made us feel warm.

Shiroi Koibito Park at night seen from the 4th floor - The Chocolate Lounge 

Winter illumination at Shiroi Koibito Park 

P.S : If you want to take good photos of you, I would recommend to take pictures at the daylight. Even though the lights of winter illumination make the park looks more charming, but it's hard to get a good quality pictures with you in it. Unless you have a good skill in photography.