Happy new year my sweet readers!!! I’m come back in here now and want to share about my december and new year. So let’s read my travel story.

23 December I’m visited my hometown in Pematang Siantar. In there I was I growth up until Senior High School. It was my living child with my parents and it was really amazing place. I guess you didn’t know where it but you can check it in google. Long time not saw my parents house because I stay in Jakarta for working so I’m not stay with my parents. 


I’m arrive in midnight and my parents pick me up. When I saw their face, I’m really so proud and sad too because their already too old dan weak. So every day when I’m working, I always pray to God to gave health for my parents. I’m hug them and laugh together. I’m really really happy because I can spend my Christmas day with them.
25 December it was celebration of Christmas, so I accompany my parent went to church. Everybody of Christian who celebration Christmas really prepare for their christmas. And it was really wonderful day. But my hometown it was a quiet place and not many malls, even tall buildings don't exist, only the mall has only 4 floors. So you can imagine how this place so really quiet but I really like this condition than Jakarta. I love this food too like scallop satay, lontong and pangsit (dumplings). It very delicious and you must tried haha. I took some photo with my parents in church.

28 December it was my birthday. Finally I’m 29 and I’m really old now hahaha but I’m still happy for my age. When I’m woke up I told to my self this was my birthday but why my parents not gave me a congratulation? I though maybe my parents forget about my special day . So I helped them as usual. But I’m surprice, it was 12.00 PM my father prepare lunch and invite us to gather together with a birthday cake. I can't express in words how happy it was. A very simple cake that I will never forget. This cake means that my age was getting older. There is a story behind it all but I will not tell it here. Because it's very personal so I hope that those of you who read can tolerate it.

This was call "BOLU TART" in my hometown in Pematang Siantar

Dinner with my mother, father and brother
Beside of my familly, my lovely one Ming who forget said in midnight gave me a cake and beauty doll and gift. I really not believe he gave me a surprice in my birthday. I'm so proud of him who can accept as was.

Cake from my lovely one Ming. It was super cute and it was yellow theme :)
Cake from my office friend 
I'm celebration my birthday with big familly in Jakarta after I'm comeback from Pematang Siantar. You can saw in photo how happy I am HAHAH 

My familly and nephew. This was batak familly HAHA

With my sisters
Before celebration New Year 2019, I decide went to Danau Toba. Who knows about this place? This was really famous because This lake was the largest artificial lake in the world. But First, I visited Sipisopiso. This place provides a very good view and most of all the waterfall was very high and to reach the bottom we have to pass through tortuous stairs. For those of you who are not strong enough to climb, you should not force yourself because it can make your feet uncomfortable as I feel haha.

I and my familly decided spent the night so we searching hotel. There are many lodging places available but very small and not close to the lake. So my father brought us to Dainang Hotel. It was  located in the area Pangururan. It was really large and wide. The Hotel very good and the available rooms are VIP and it's very close to the lake. the room was exactly what we wanted. I'm happy.

My mini travel it was so amazing. I can't told to much how really so happy I am. I hope next year I can bring my parent travel to Bali. Because they never going to there. And I must working hard to collect money HAHA pray for me LOL.

How about your story? Haw about your new years? Let me know :)
See you in my next story Xixixixixi