Here i am back again with another Restaurant Review in Bali. Never bored visiting new restaurants and cafes in Bali, as they are not only serving you good food but also their pretty interior design attracts social media people, like me.

Now i’ll be exploring Canggu, another new area in Bali where so many new cafes & restaurants opened. This area particularly less crowded than Seminyak but i believe soon it will be packed too and become another hip place in Bali. A typical pattern, right?

One of the new restaurants that just opened August last year is Folie Kitchen & Patisserie located in Jl. Subak Sari No. 30A, Canggu, Bali. I visited here with my bestfriend, Nadita from Rome, who visited Bali for a short vacation and kindly be my assistant photographer.

Folie’s specialty are home-baked pastries and fusion french cuisine (using local ingredients and seasoning), which gives you a one of a kind culinary experience. If you are a regular visitor of Cassis Jakarta (before it changed the whole concept), you’ll be familiar since the same head chef, Stephen Demond, created Folie’s menu. No wonder the food here taste exceptionally delish.

You could also check out my cafe review article in Bahasa Indonesia that i covered for CASA Indonesia here. But this time i’ll write a more in-depth food review.

Ok, i admitt picked Folie just based on people’s pictures in Instagram. With Folie’s iconic pink and blue pastel colored wall and white orchid flower as the additional props. This past two years, interior trend in Bali and Jakarta appeared to use many pastel colours themed especially millenial pink and tropical mural.

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Folie appeared to be quite big, as they had a semi-open kitchen, main dining area and outdoor area. There is also a station dedicated just for freshly home-baked pastries, that quite separated with other areas. As soon as you entered, there is a wall dedicated for tropical themed mural against a navy-blue rattan armchair. This is definitely a good spot to take some OOTD photos.

Now, let’s talk about the food and drinks. We’ve been served a few recommended food and drinks ranging from pastry, main course, refreshing smoothies to a unique dessert that hasn’t appeared in the menu yet.

As the starter they gave us a good butter croissant, when i say good one, trust me that was one of a hella good croissant i’ve ever had! i’m quite a big fan of any kinds of bread and pastry so i highly recommend to buy their croissant.

Next for the appetizer, they gave us their signature Folie’s Caesar Salad with mediteranean anchovies, parmesan cheese yolk butter and black truffle on crouton, topped with fish skin crackers. It seems like you eat a fine dine salad, right? I like the combinations of all the good and unique ingredients that gives balanced yet rich taste, plus the anchovies was not too fishy at all.


Folie’s Caesar Salad – 9/10 – 76 K

Here comes the main course, Angel Hair Pasta Aglio E Olio. It was not just those ordinary aglio e olio which usually greasy and comes in plain toppings. In Folie, their pasta served in angel hair (a very thin pasta) along with generous grilled prawns and crisp pancetta (salty pork bacon). For the pasta tasting, i asked Nadita to review it since she is quite the expertise. She’s been living in Rome for almost three years and as we know that Italy is the home of Pasta, so safe to say that she knows what she’s doing.

She rated this pasta as 8 out of 10. Their only flaw is how they cooked the pasta not al dente enough, like almost perfect. I was quite agree with her, nevertheless this is definitely one of my fav pasta. I like how the chef combined mostly seafood and meat in most of his dishes.

Angel Hair Pasta Aglio E Olio – 8.5/10 – 98 K

Next, to freshen up a bit, they served us two signature mocktails, Frozen Pineapple Basil and Strawberry Kemangi Colada. No explanation needed, all the drinks were very very refreshing solely living up to their names. Seriously guys, you should order these two. My favorite one is the frozen pineapple basil, it was sour and sweet at the same time, although it’s green coloured obviously from the basil, but you hardly taste it. While the strawberry one was sweet, sour with an extra cider-like taste and ends with a bit strong kemangi and coconut aftertaste.

Frozen Pineapple Basil and Strawberry Kemangi Colada – 8.5/10 – @38 K

And now to conclude these lunch, the newly made dessert served for us. It’s not in the menu yet, and they asked us to give some feedbacks. I think it looks like a pannacotta, with red coloured gelatine and pie texture at the bottom. The chef told us that it will be quite surprising cause it contained chilli. Hmm… never eat any dessert with chilli before, maybe the only close thing would be chocolate chilli bar from Monggo which i quite liked it.

Well, to be honest this pannacotta/pie thing is not my cup of tea. I think the chef was too experimental. It taste sour at the first bite then i could taste a bit of spice hinted and a sweet aftertaste. It’s still good though, If you want to try unique dessert then this is the one for you.

Chilli Pannacotta – 6.5/10

Folie Kitchen & Patisserie hands down enter my top list of good restaurants in Bali. The things that i appreciate is how they served you a good french cuisine that comes using local ingredients. The food appear to be casual and home-cooked but taste very fancy at the same time, all comes in affordable price.

All images taken by me using Canon EOS M10