Onto the second day, i visited Gamcheon Cultural Village, the so-called Machu Pichu of Busan. This artsy village is located on the slope between two mountains, Cheonmasan and Amisan. A little bit history trivia – back in 1958, Gamcheon Village used to be one of the poorest area in Busan after suffering the Korean War, but now the government made Gamcheon-dong as Cultural Village, a must-visit tourist destination that promotes Korean traditional village through creativity and arts.

This neighbourhood were built in unique stairs-shape from Oknyeobong to the foot of the Mt. Cheonmasan stand. This is the virtue way to build where each house built not to block the front view of the other houses behind. We can reminisce the past memories and history just by visiting Gamcheon Cultural Village. The most important rule as visitor is do not speak out loud to avoid causing any disturbance to the village residents and refrain from taking pictures in ways that infringe their privacy.

Going to Gamcheon Cultural Village you need to ride metro and bus. I departed from Nampo station and arrived at Toseong station Exit 6, walk straight and turn right. You’ll see a small bus station in front of Pusan National University Hospital, from here you could already see the village up on the hill. Hop on to the village bus en route to Gamcheon Cultural Village.

The Gate of Gamcheon Cultural Village

Hop off from the bus and after you see this big gate, you are officially entered Gamcheon Cultural Village. On the right side you could find the Tourist Information, and go grab the Guide map of the village by paying 1,000 KRW. You need this map cause this village is huge or else you could got lost, besides this maps has an interactive kind of games where you can stamp the places that you visited and could get three free postcards which you can send it all over the world.


If you don’t want to buy the map you could follow the fish-shaped arrows that will lead you to artsy places and spots for your Instagram feeds. Better to prepare water or simply buy snacks from street stalls as you’ll do some hiking to visit more than hundreds of places and artworks in this village.

All of the houses here are very artsy and full of cute murals. Don’t forget to support the residents buy buying their products, for example the chocolatier store in the middle of alley. The praline was so delicious and not overly sweet just enough for my tastebud, and the ahjumma who sell it was very nice by giving me a free tester of Yuja Praline.


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I just walked according to the guide map and tried to collect stamps as much as possible. I’ve collected 10 stamps out of 12 places and that’s already took me a good three hours. One of the difficult places to get stamp is the Gamcheon Red-clay Salt Company, located in the village market’s alley. I almost give up to find it, until the very nice haraboji (grandpa) helped me as much as he can with his body language, i eager want to find this stamp cause they give you the last postcard.

I collected all the postcards from three places, Haneulmaru, Gamnae Eoulteo, and Gamcheon Red-Clay Salt Company. You can send all of them by paying 1,500 KRW as “the mailfare”. It’s quite confusing at first, cause the maps said that you can find the mailbox right beside the stamps table, but the ahjumma around me said that you need to find the store with yellow facade and gave the postcards to the owner.

It was a very funny situation where all the people in the market tried to help me find the owner as she is not in her store at that time but in her other shops. At first, i was not felt so sure that these postcards will sent it properly, but hey after a month, these postcards has actually arrived safely in New York, Rome, and Jakarta which i sent it to my sister and my two bestfriends.


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Overall, this is one of my favorite places to visit in Korea ever. Spare about two to three hours here, take your time to stroll around the village, enjoy the scenery, feel the fresh breeze, interact with local residents who are very friendly, tried their origins delicacy and buy the souvenirs to support the village.

Next time coming to Busan, i’d definitely going back here again but with my friends instead, it’s more enjoyable if you visit here with your very bestfriends, right?

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All images taken by me using Samsung S7