I’m not talking about that infamous movie btw, but yes if you are going to Busan from Seoul, it’s more convenient and exciting using KTX or express train like in the movie.

So this is my fourth time going to South Korea and this time i visited Busan for a 2D1N trip early January this year. Not to mention, this was my first ever solo trip outside of Seoul.

You have three transportation options going to Busan from Seoul :

  1. Airplane via Gimpo Airport, 1 hour trip (i recommend going with Air Busan)
  2. KTX , takes about 3 hours, almost same price with airfare but they had a special promo for tourist.
  3. Bus, about 5 hours or more, the cheapest fare of all
Busan Station is under construction
The future look of Busan Station after renovation

As a commuter train person, of course i choose KTX. You can enjoy the panoramic view from the window and so many eye candy from the soldiers who are the frequent passengers of this route (Yoo Sijin captain from DOTS, anyone? LOL)

You can find any information about KTX and buy the special pass online for international tourist here or download the KORAIL APP. KTX offer various round trip packages for foreign visitors with KORAIL PASS for 2 or 4 flexible days, 3 to 5 consecutive days and even group booking.

I planned to buy the 2 days (flexible) korail pass with student price called Youth Pass. It means you can do round trip for any 2 days within 10 days range (It counts from the first date of trip) and only for passengers between 13 to 25 years old. It costs me about 81.000 KRW, much cheaper than the original price, 102,000 KRW.

Where to buy? You can buy online at korail website / korail app (bring your passport and printed korail pass voucher then redeem it in any main stations to get the physical ticket) or buy offline at the Travel Centre in Incheon International Airport, located at the Arrival Hall level B1. All paid only with credit card and can not pay by cash even if you buy offline, so prepare your CC beforehand.

I prefer to buy offline at the airport cause it’s less busy than at KTX Center or other main stations. At the counter, you could choose what time you departed, pick your seat and get the physical ticket but only from Seoul to Busan. You’ll get another voucher that you need to redeem to get the physical ticket (from Busan to Seoul) at Busan Station.

UPDATED INFO: There are NO YOUTH PASS anymore 😦 only ADULT PASS and the price is getting more expensive for budget traveller, start from 121,000 KRW to 210,000 KRW. I suggest if you are really on budget, you could choose option No.1. I think the airfare will be cheaper than Korail Pass.


Featured Image: www.englishspectrum.com