My first ever BIGBANG korean concert in Seoul is MADE FINAL on March 4th 2016 and this is the start of my madness going to Seoul every six months just to watch their concert before their military enlistment.

It took place at Olympic Gymnastic Arena, quite far from central Seoul. BIGBANG usually held a sold-out three days concert here, gathers around 10.000 audiences each day. Eventhough my seat is almost at the very end (on the 4th floor), i still can see the stage very well. I think the arena is designed very thoughtful for the tribune audience.

The korean VIP (BIGBANG fandom name) were very energetic, especially the fanchant when the intro of LIES began.

“Kwon Jiyong, Dong Youngbae, Choi Seunghyun, Kang Daesung, Lee Seunghyun, VIP, Uri Bigbang!”

When they sang Haru Haru and asked us to sing the chorus together without music, I legit cried and got goosebumps all over me.

I realized that BIGBANG is indeed the national boygroup of South Korea. In my section, i saw both father and daughter singing and waving their crownstick together, two ahjummas from Japan, couple of grandma and grandpa, also quite a lot of fanboys who chant very loudly. It’s just amazing to see that music no matter what languange could unite all of us.

I didn’t take much pictures cause i really want to fully enjoyed the concert and absorps the atmosphere. Besides, korean audience rarely take pictures or video with their phone (camera is not allowed in the venue).

FYI, everytime BIGBANG held a concert, almost all the tourist places in Seoul like Hongdae, Myeongdong and Gangnam will be packed with international fans. All the stores and malls played BB’s songs throughout the day. That’s why one of the biggest tourist attraction in Seoul is when BIGBANG held a concert.

BIGBANG 10th Anniversary Concert: 0 TO 10 at Sangam/Seoul World Cup Stadium
The yellow ocean of 65.000 VIPs
My view from standing C section, DJ Choice 37 entertain the audience before the concert starts

Watching it once surely it’s not enough! On Aug 20th 2016, i watched their 10th anniversary concert, 0 TO 10 in Sangam World Cup Stadium. It was summer time and i almost fainted because the terrible hot weather. Thank God the staff loaded me with free flow bottled water throughout the concert.

I just promised my self that i’d never ever going back to Seoul when it’s summer and why the hell BIGBANG have to held the concert EVERY winter or summer ? goshh…why not spring or autumn LOL *wishful thinking*

Anyway, it’s reportedly the biggest concert by idol group ever in South Korea with over 65.000 attendees. From fangirl to fanboys, from young fans to old ahjussi/ahjumma. BIGBANG are loved by so many people, be it korean citizen or foreigner like me. There are so many international fans who watched the concert, i even met couple of indonesian VIPs.

The bonus performance was when PSY appears on stage and all the audience singing and dancing to Gangnam Style, it was AHMAZING!

How could i say, the korean concert appears to be more intimate since the boys could speak comfortably in their own languange and there is always a special fan project before encore started such as VIPS singing together or chant the boys name until they come out again on stage.

G-dragon in action
PSY, the special guest star

If you wonder how i purchase the ticket, I bought all of them from reseller on twitter, who now became my friend (Hi! Sandy). You need to have a korean bank account when buying the ticket. Luckily, i got indonesian friend, Ria, who lives in Seoul and also local friend, Eunae Unnie who can help me paid the ticket in advanced.

This is my tips and trick when you want to buy the ticket from reseller on twitter:

  1. Search the keyword using hangul for artist name, or just type in english “Selling bigbang ticket”
  2. If you search on twitter the day the ticket sold in Korean time, then you have 24 hours to complete the payment, cause the reseller only booked the ticket. They encourage you to transfer it via korean bank acc immediately. (it’s better if you have a friend who had the korean bank acc)
  3. Remember the original price is 110,000 KRW and with tax it would be 113,500 KRW. First DM them and bargain the price around 150,000 – 200,000 KRW (seating – standing), if the reseller demand you more price than that, DON’T BUY IT! trust me the ticket will be sell again a month before the concert date.
  4. Ask the reseller to send you the original confirmation email from the website or proved screenshot of confirmation email, read and checked if the date and section is right and also ask for reseller kakao/line id.
  5. After you got your preferable price, you need to transfer right? in my case i transfer my indonesian money to Ria (using BNI or Mandiri) and she will transfer it (already in KRW) in two parts. If i bought my ticket for 150,000 KRW then she will pay 113,500 KRW to the website directly (official seller of the ticket) and the rest to the seller. But before that, ask the reseller to change the address to your friend’s home or the hotel you’ll be stayed at. Cause the physical ticket will be delivered by mail to the designated address. (Usually it arrives two weeks before the concert date)
  6. All done and enjoy the concert!

If you want to buy directly from the website you need to prepare a bit:

  1. Make an account on the website beforehand and prepare your CC, if you are visa/mastercard user you need to install apk payment to complete the payment. (tbh never tried cause it was all in hangul which i didn’t understand LOL)
  2. Well first you need to have a super duper fast internet connection, do not use any mac or apple products, set the clock at your PC/laptop same with korean time (2 hours ahead than Jakarta time).
  3. Pick the section, all are on same price wether you are standing or seating.
  4. Write the delivery address only in hangul and korean phone number (you can fill the hotel contact number). All set!

PS: Better book the hotel in Hongdae or Myeongdong area, cause it located in Central Seoul that has MRT Airport line (AREX) and downtown line. It easily connects you to the venue.

For Android users, i recommend this subway app: Metroid (it is very simple yet compact, and never got me lost)

  • Direction to Olympic Park from Hongdae (50 mins): Hongik Univ (line 2) – transit at Wangsimni change to line 5 – Olympic Park (line 5)
  • Direction to Sangam World Cup Stadium from Hongdae (14 mins): Hongik Univ. (AREX line) – transit at Digital Media City change to line 6 – World Cup Stadium