Around May last year, i had business trip as reporter of CASA Indonesia covered Samsung new launch QLED TV at Nusa Dua. In press room, i met Shintya, journalist from Forbes Indonesia who happens to be my old OBM friend (UI student must knew about this). It’s suprising that we met in Bali again after the university’s orientation four years ago.

After all my schedule finished, i have some free time for the rest of the day. So me and Shintya decided to hang out in Seminyak at dinner time. I just randomly contact my uni friend who lives in Bali, Yoha and Beng to meet up. Yoha recommends new place, Mrs. Sippy, as beach club seems to be a new trend in Seminyak.

At the same time, my highschool bestfriend who recently got married, Yuna, had her honeymoon in Jimbaran. She saw my path and chat me to meet up too. Here we are, four new people got a sudden reunion and get to know each other. The more the merrier!


Left-right: Shintya, Yoha, Beng, Agus (Yuna’s hubby), Yuna and me

FYI, Mrs. Sippy Bali is the second branch from the iconic beach club in Double Bay, Sydney where its famous for the centre hub of Aussie’s celebrity.

With entirely new concept, Mrs. Sippy Bali comes with the fun and relaxing playground. Huge swimming pools designed with natural organic shape like a shore of Mediteranian Sea and complete with the bungee jump board on top of the pool.

We chose to seat on wooden bench and table near the pool. The ambiance was really romantic and quite festive, with all the lights hanging from trees to tress.

Passionfruit Cocktail

Since this is newly opened. i asked the Floor Manager, Mbak Cici, if i could do some quick cafe review article in CASA and she said yes excitedly.

She treated us with Nutella & Banana Pizza, Cheese Pizza and Beef Nachos. For the drinks, she recommended Passionfruit Cocktail.

Nutella & Banana Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Beef Nachos

Fun fact: Mrs. Sippy’s has the largest salt water swimming pool in Bali which gives you an impression like swimming in the ocean. Definitely one of my fav beach club in Bali.

PS: All pictures taken by me using Samsung S7