Hi loves,

2019 is arriving and i am so ready for it. New resolutions, challenges, blessing and skin care, maybe? :D Today i am gonna share to you about the launch of Corine De Farme's new Moisturizing Gel Cream and Gentle Hydrating Cream. Now i know that not only the micellar water that is suitable for my skin but also their new products! 

About last week, my afternoon was spent well with Beauty Journal, Corine de Farme team, blogger friends at Corine De La Creme, the launch of their new products at Beranda Cafe. At first, we were greeted by delicious canape and parisian decoration that satifies my eyes. In accordance, the brand itself, Corine de Farme founded and came from France.

In blue packaging, Corine de Farme has its newly Moisturizing Gel Cream is suitable for normal to combination skin. Contains cornflower extract which hydrates skin, it has gel texture and lighter formula than the other one. Moving on, the second one is Gentle Hydrating Cream which contains peony flower extract, is suitable for sensitive skin and still produces light-weight feeling on the skin.

In an event, i always aim for new insights about skin care, especially from expertise. There we had pretty dermatologist Dr. Atika and Nurhayatini as the product manager.

 "The usage of moisturizer is really prominent now knowing what skin type it is.. It might be tricky to find the suitable moisturizer for the skin but the choices of Corine de Farme new moisturizers will fulfill your needs. Beauty is relative while to have healthy skin is an absolute thing." Quoted by two of them.

To have fun is also necessary right? Divided into groups which consist of 5 people in it, we got a challenge to style one model in our grup. Our group model happened to be Jennifer, pretty girl who is in the middle of the next photo. And guess what!!! We became one of the two winners. Quite shocked because all of the candidates had so much uniqueness in their own hairstyles. Lucky that we all got flowers to tuck onto the hair to make it look pretty rather than messy. But i'm glad we did it, pretty decent right?   A mixture between braid and low pony tail. <3

Photobooth was also provided. Look at our happy faces! Nice meeting you girls..

The products come in glass jar that is simple and elegant. My pick on this one due to my combination skin. I love how this one has light-weight formula and smells really nice as well. Wonder how?  it is just like a fresh bouquet of flowers, love right? Yet it doesn't stings on my nose. 

As it claims, having lighter formula than the other one, i verdict it right. It absorps thoroughly on the skin just in seconds . Now i am currently trying this product out and be active on my post to know more about the proven efficiency!

Thank you thank you for having me and all the girls at Corine de la Creme Event handled by Beauty Journal. Always a good one Corine de Farme, till next launch! 

Love, Ker