It's been quite a long time since my latest post in the end of November. How was your day? Did you enjoy your holiday? Because I just started my long-holiday after the final exam is done, maybe my school days will start again on February/ March. But I finished all subjects already, I got thesis left, and it's the last fight of my college days, omg! Time flies so fast right?

I'm thankful for everything I've got until today, even it wasn't perfect, but I guess that I made some progresses. I went back to Semarang-Jakarta several times to attend some event invitations, beauty n fashion ofc, I'm glad, I made some new friends in Jakarta which have the same interest and passion like me. Beside that, here in Jakarta I got more chances, jobs, and invitations in fashion and beauty industry, I'm glad for those who appreciated me here, and I will do more, I will do my best to be an inspirations in the future.

Beside it, I don't really enjoy Semarang, because in my opinion, it's kinda hard to develop myself (in fashion n beauty industry) in Semarang, and yaa..for several other reasons I dislike Semarang, so I feel more comfortable here at Jakarta.

Let's quickly move to my outfit post, all of the photos here were taken by Jovi, my photographer friend @mongkiz , just check his IG! Thanks, Jovi.

As all of you can see here, why I titled this post "Chocolatey", because here I'm wearing a choco-nudey-colored look. This is one of my experimental ootd, because I got this complete look idea only in a short time like a sudden, because usually you know if I think about an ootd post, I spend like around 2 days to fixed the complete ootd look xD sorry for being a perfectionist. 

Here, I'm wearing a mocca-brown sweater by 3Mongkis, and my precious brown plaid skirt by JRep Brand. To make this look better, I added a black postman hat and black belt. But I thought that I still need something that give this look a pop, then I decided to combine my black polka socks with this nude heels from Velvet via ZALORA, and I'm wearing a yellow slingbag that popped-out this look as well.

Postman Hat- Unbranded
Glasses- Via Shopee
Brown Sweater- 3Mongkis
Black Belt- Via Shopee
Brown Plaid Skirt- JRep Brand
Heels- Velvet via ZALORA
Black Polkadot Sheer Socks- Unbranded
Yellow Slingbag

Anyway if you wondering where did I have this photo session, it's Kembang Desa Cafe in Semarang (ex-Sumo Boo) in Dr.Wahidin Street. It's not really spacious inside, but you could go outside, in the first floor like where this session mostly got shot, it's quite vast and not that crowded, perfect for taking photos hehehe.

Thank you all for reading and visiting my blog. I wish that you get some inspirations from here, and stay in touch with me via Instagram, just follow me @milka.amelia to find more daily updates, ootd about me!

See you on the next post,