Aye Mates!!
How are y'all? Hope y'all are well. Today I want to share some snaps that me and my friends took while I'm on Bali last month. I went to Bali for corporate outing with my colleagues. It was ah-mazing that we want more and as for me I really left my heart in Bali and need to come back ASAP. The last time I went to Bali was almost 10 years ago, so loads (really loads) of things change. 

On the first day, we landed quite late so we went straight to dinner at Warung Eropa. I ordered Nasi Bali. It tastes so good and the portion is huge doe for me. Will definitely be back for more. Afterward we went straight to hotel. We stayed at Seminyak area, Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort. Since the night is still young in Bali (even tough it's past midnight), we headed out, at first we wanted to go to La Favela but it's too packed and the queue is just crazy so we went to the bar across from it (I forgot the name of it), we ordered vanilla milkshake and it was so so so good (I know, don't judge me). It's great to just hang and chat with my friends feeling the chill vibe. I noticed that loads of aesthetic looking shops around Seminyak and really want to pay a visit but too bad I don't have any free time to visit, next time maybe.

Second day, we had fun activity schedule, which is ATV rides. We were given choice ATV, rafting, cycling. Wanted to do cycling at first but all my friends chose ATV so I just tag along. My final thought on ATV ride: AH-MAZING!! It's an experience you need to try at least once, it's very adventurous going through the deep forest and passing the natures. In the afternoon, we just went to the gala dinner at Finns VIP Beach Club. Palm trees everywhere and I wish I could just live here forever lol. Playing at the beach catching sunset is just so fun and relaxing. OMG can't lie that I really love the chill vibe here in Bali, it just made me feel so alive and be able to breath. Oh and I also won a Kindle from this outing (and I sold it to my friends huahaha and now I'm regretting it). At night we went to La Favela and just had the time of our lives lol.

-Cheers, Michelle
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