Hello my lovely readers!!!
It's December month and you know that it's Christmas day. Holiday is coming too hahaha. How you feeling about this year? are you exciting to wait for 2019? what's your plan? and so many question for it :)) forget about that. I want to share about last day I visit this place for my weekends. So, lets check it out, I hope you enjoy to read my annoying post hahaha.

Central Park is one of mall in Jakarta who always celebration christmas. They are provide a big tree and decorate the entire park with Christmas accessories. The colours of green dominates the entire garden area plus the green lights that surround each tree, besides green it was also combined with red and yellow. It's beautiful colours. Lets scrolling this picture in below and you will  exciting for this place.

Almost the entire mall area was decorated with christmas accessories. This mall was so crowded too, so many people walked and shopping even took a photo together. I searched every corner and area of the mall to get a spot photo, so here it was

I love my outfit too. Using this red velvet top was really good because it was look elegant. I ever review this tshirt you can check it in my old post. I combine with brown velvet in the middle there are large buttons. It was popular outfit in this month hahaha. Sneakers add to perfect this outfit. Everyone always look at to me because this ootd. 


This look I took in lift area. It was really quiet because it  was 11 PM, this mall close at 10 PM hahaha. It was too late because went to this mall was really traffic, so my advice you must early to come like 6 PM or 7 PM. 
That's all my outfit last day, I hope you enjoy it and I guess you trying searching what you wear for this celebration of this christmas. You can make this your reference, if you want too :))

So, let me know what you plan or what you wear, giving me a coment in below, see you in my next post :)