Hello, fellas! Let's say hi to the new month, December, a last month in the year which has plenty joy and blessings for all of us. And it means, that Christmas is getting closer! Let's count the days, hihihi.
New month comes, it's mean a new post on Charming Berryz! Here, I'll dolled-up in pink outfit. Thank you to Salsa, @coklattoreo , my lil' photographer gurl that taken all of the photos at The Heights Cafe, Wimarion Hotel Semarang.

Anyway, since I decided to have style transformation (read my previous post) like I mentioned before, now I got more feminine and neutral style look. I left my street-style, bad-ass bitch style already, lol. Then, it made me re-digging and re-checking out my wardrobe, includes lots of clothes that I've never been worn before, because I thought that won't suit me at all.
But, thanks to the creativity that God's gave to me, lol. Things that never been worn by me before, being worn by me after a long time xD Like the pink rose 'top' that you found here in this post.

But You Know What???
It's not a top at all! lololol. It's an old jumpsuit that I found on the bottom part of my closet, I guess that I bought that like 3 years ago, on 2015. And I never worn that because I thought that was not my style, and it didn't look great on my body, since I still much fatter back then rather than now, like now I already *unexpectedly* lost 7 kgs, even I didn't plan any diets, yaa...but I got stressed that much this year hehehe, but It's okay, this all will pass and I'll always be okay! <3 Stay strong and positive!

And I got a new pink-set from @jj_label (instagram), accidentally I remembered this jumpsuit, and decided to try combining them together... and it looks great on me! Now, I have a new 'top' , and thinking to wear this jumpsuit when I visit beach that suits this jumpsuit-style.

Pink Set (Jacket and Skirt) - @jj_label
Rose Jumpsuit as top - forgot the label
Belt - @xu_closet
Heels - Thesa Kristal Shoes
Pink Glasses - forgot the shop's name

As you can see on all of my photos, The Heights Bistro and Bar by Wimarion Hotel Semarang has a great view and ambience right? I think that this place suits you for hang-out or maybe romantic dinner inside the bar section. I've tasted it's foods too, and it's not bad, it's yummy, and they gave you full-portion that will filled your stomach well. I'll give The Height like 4 from 5, because I think that this place will be better if being more spacious hehehe

Always thank you all for reading and visiting my blog! I won't be the 'me' if I don't have you and your supports! I know I still need to learn and do more be a good content-maker or fashion influencer. But I will do my best for my passion for fashion <3
Hope that you gonna keep supporting me, don't mind to leave comments below, and follow my instagram @milka.amelia for more updates <3