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Beauty Industry always rapidly comes with new and fresh ideas. Just like liquid products that can be use as eyeshadow, blush on as well as lip cream.  Isn't it super interesting?! This invention is now on the roll and i am happy for that. For those who crave for efficiency and velocity this one might be for you!

Bet some of you have already heard good things about this local brand, Mineral Botanica. I am quite shocked  about their qualities and especially packaging,  that's beyond 'local' for me. Yes, today i am gonna take you into my further review of Mineral Botanica's Lip Cheek Eye Wunder Cream and Lip Glaze. Wonder how are the proven efficiancies of these two products? Keep scrolling! 


The first right and left product are Lip Glaze and the rest are all the Lip Cheek Eye Wunder Cream

Finally, the new products are revealed! It's not 2 but 3 in 1  product, the lip cheek eye under cream is very versatile. On-the-go product that will complete my glam look, easy peasy. The lip cheek eye wunder cream has 7 different varities of red and pink color such as Ursa Major (201) Mensa (203) Sagitarius (205) Virgo (207)  Cosmo Red (209) Canes Venatici (211) and Tucana (213). Pretty pretty! (lovestruck)

Moving on to the Lip Glaze, Lip product that you can use alone or as a Lip Topper. It claims to make your make up even more glamour due to the glittery particles. All the shades are 1. Antila 2. Corona. So shiny, isn't it? 

Worry not, they all come with Vitamin E as an antioxidant agent, squalane that is prone to hydrating agent and last but not least, hydrolyzed adansonia digitata extract that is hydrating tough. :D


Netto: 15 g

Both of them has identical packaging. Simple and classic is the goodness about the packaging. It is well made in good quality of plastic that is clear and transparent in the middle and black in the cap . It definitely makes u easier to pick your favorite shade as well as the functional label that is more minimalist though. Love it! 

Lip, cheek, eye Wunder Cream and Lip Glaze come in box of packaging. The lip, cheek, eye Wunder Cream seeks for clean and simple appearance, full colored in black and white. While the lip glaze is more iridescent with shades of blue and purple. I can't decide since two of them are not tacky but pretty for the eye <3

As you can see, you can clearly see the product's color from the provided hole in the front side of the lip cheek eye wunder cream. The provided hole of the lip glaze is in reverse. Guess this one is so mindful! 


First of all, hope you enjoy the swatches that i poured all the hardwork into! All the praise for those who can make such neat and clean swatches. Cus it so hard and glad that i did it! hahaha (finger crossed). Yas to all the pretty shades! All i notice is all the shades are pretty wearable. Mensa, Virgo and Ursa major could complete your daily and natural look while Sagitarius, Canes Venatici, Cosmo Red and Tucana are more likely to pull out the glam look. YAS!  

The texture and formula are quite interesting. It is not that creamy yet blendable, just right. What i love most is, it doesn't feel heavy on the lips as most liquid cream does. I can say this one is light-weight kinda lip cream. It sets in quite fast only take seconds to apply. Moreover, it really suits my expectation of light-weight lip cream..

As a blush, it is not dissapointing! The color pops out beautifully and enhance my complexion. It can be build from natural until bold look, you choose. Just need a little product to apply because this one is super pigmented. And yes, it is not patchy at all. LoOoOoVeEe! 

A single tip to maximize the eyeshadow finish using this wunder cream, wait a bit longer until it is dry and tap it with fingers. Now you are all ready with this amazing product that turned into 3 benefits. What is prominence to have as a quality is, it lasts quite long as a lip cream, eyeshadow as well as  blush. I don't even need touch-ups for the whole day honestly. An A for this invention!


Painstakingly saying that i need more color choices. These two are pretty and my favorite. I can use it as a lip topper or alone as what you can see in the portrait. I am confident enough using this without a single lip cream cause it still give colors to my lips and glitter that shines my make up out.

Anddd, if you are a lip cream matte lovers, you will the need of using this product. Yes it is glittery and give the healthy wet look of the lips. Let alone the stickier feeling from the usual lip gloss- it moisturizes your lip and stays put all day. It doesn't clumpy at all! 

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