Anyway, Happy payday (28 Nov 2018) HaHaHa!!!!
I guess you very happy now to see your thick wallet,so what you wear for your weekend or travelling?

Don't be worried I want to share you my good outfit. I think you like but when you really not like you can giving advice or opinion in comment :)

Trouser is always make your body slim and tall. Every women when she have short body she can always using trousers or mini dress because it can help. I'm not really tall and not short too so I just want to showing to you my lovely trouser.

The colours of trouser combine with blue and white. I really love this colours it's perfect I think. Upss I know what you think my sandal it's not good hahahaha. The material is a bit stiff and a little rough,but still very comfortable to wear

The location where I took a photo is Tanjung Lesung, I ever post this place you can check my lates post too if you curious. They have a beautifull sea and white sand. I love the atmosphere is quiet and not crowded. I really love this place very much HAHAHA.

The trousers that I have explained I match with the top is sport bra. I buy it from Sportstation in Pasar Festival Jakarta. It's really very comfortable, the ingredients are very strict and keep your boobs stay tight. 

Using earrings accessories

My partners take a candid photo when I'm trying using a camera, it's good hahaha plus this swing make me like a children who play. Sitting and look at to the sky and enjoy my self.
The view it's really wonderfull you can coming and dont forget to visit this place :)

Oke, Just that post and I want say thank you to all my readers who always giving me a comment and praise for my post and we can be friends if you want to following me in my blog and instagram @elsasilalahiii let me know :)
See you in my next post!!!

Thank you,