Hello, there! Yup, this should be the first post on December, but decided to write this now in the end of November, because yeaa..why not? Once in a while posted 3 times in a month, hihihi.
I'm really thankful to have all of you here, as my readers, my blogging friends until today, since 2011 I started this blog really messily, the struggle and the process is real, lol.
I had lots of ups and downs, changes, transformations until became the 'now' me, all I could say to you is I'm so thankful for it all.

And as I'm entering my 20s, exactly I'm 21 already, last October, so I'm officially an adult, a legal now. And I got some thoughts about life in my head like crazy and sometimes I got stressed-out cause of it. Including about my style, my fashion sense. As I grow older, I dunno why but I'd like to have some transformations with my look. Like the usual fashion pieces I loved, now I'm not that interested to wear that again anymore, and I'd rather to use another one that usually not 'my style'.

I usually loved street, edgy, kinda sexy-fierce fashion style. Identically wearing denim, shredded jeans, edgy pieces, black color, and anything else with street style vibes. But lately these past one month, I lost my interest on that style like sudden. Now I'd like to style myself with simpler fashion pieces which have feminine, or elegant look on it. Neutral colors, simple but pretty cutting details, or any pieces with feminine vibes. I thought that I'm going to sell my pre-loved 'style' items on my instagram as soon as possible since I'm gonna refresh my closet from now on.

Yeah, this is time to change, naturally. Maybe this is because of maturity factor? As I'm growing older, this part of me also changing slowly. So I'm gonna say this to you in this post. That I'll change my style from this post, and I wish that you'll still like and read my blog... I hope that I still could inspire people with fashion and beauty here...even I got a transformation.

So, let's just move to my look in this post. Thanks to Mas Yanuar, my best barista buddy for taking all the photos at Antarakata Coffee, Semarang, that unexpectedly matched my outfit well.


What am I wearing here?
Top and bottom from 3Mongkis
Earrings from Biekoobie
Heels from Zalora

So happy that last week, 3Mongkis just opened its new outlet on Mall Kelapa Gading 3 lv. 2, Jakarta. And I'm thankful, for being invited there even I couldn't stay there until the end, and absolutely they got special promo that time, buy 3 get 4, and because their collections are so cute and into 'my new style', I couldn't help myself from shop lots of stuffs there lol.

About the heels, I got it on sale for around $12 only on Zalora last week too, I guess that I splurged a lot this November, but it's okay since shopping is relieving my stress, hihihi.

Really love the bow-detail on my pants!

Guess that I talked too much already in the top of this post, so let's end this post now. I'd like to say thanks for visiting and reading my blog, I really hope that u enjoy and get some inspirations here. Let's be friends too on instagram, follow me @milka.amelia <3
See you on the next post!