If you're a Cartoon or Korean Make Up fan, a big chance that you might or have already tried the products from The Collaboration of Holika-Holika and Pekko Chan. Pekko CHAN is the famous character, as well as the mascot of Japanese food company called Fujiya CO.'s . One of the brands is Milkita, Sounds familiar right? 

As soon as i knew that i got invited to the launch, all i felt was excitement. I previously had revealed the sneak peek through my instagram story and post. Now, it's the time that i'll take you further to share the event,  Yay! ;D

Earlier from last week, this brilliant collection themed "The Sweet World of Pekko"  launched at Gastromaquia; handled by Beauty Journal and Holika-holika representatives. I could say that the decoration won my heart, appealing, cute and super neat at the same time. All the spot was super lovely, i  can't even!

The launch started by the speech from Beauty Journal Chief In Editor and Holika-Holika Indonesia representatives. The representatives from Holika Holika shared brief background of their company and reason why the finally decided to collaborate with this cutie character. The pleasure of eating delicious food and the happiness of looking at pretty things would surely make you happy. 

 Holika- Holika thinks that Pekko Chan character really suits the Holika Holika dna as well . Easy to use and fun, Holika Holika believes that this collaboration will attract more beauty enthusiasts. (U did it anyway! <3)

Not so long after the speech, we got to unbox our Holika-Holika x Pekko Chan set altogether. It was exciting yet so unwilling at the moment. Because all of us seem so not ready to break the super cute packaging hahaha.. 


Now, I present to you all the products in this collaboration.. Holika Holika x Peko  launch 8 different makeup products and 5 Beauty tools and 2 Skin Care. The make up product consists of Melty Jelly BlusherMelty Jelly Lip Balm No Sebum Pact Water Drop Tint BombEye Shadow PaletteMilky Jelly Luminzer  Hard Cover Glow CushionHard Cover Perfect CushionNo Sebum Pact Water Drop Tint BombEye Shadow PaletteMilky Jelly Luminzer.  Moving on to the beauty accecories they have  Peko Oil PaperPeko Hard Cover Cushion PuffPeko Bun PuffPeko Hand Mirror, dan Peko Tint Case. Last but not least,  Pure Essence Jelly Mask Sheet and Peko Hand Cream for the skin care. 

Never crossed in my mind that cushion could be so cute in packaging as this hard glow and perfect cushion in this collaboration. This is the first product that caught my attention that day, thus the rest is also interesting. It comes in milk packaging that has big logo of Pekko Chan in front of it. You can easily pick your own shade because the shade label is popped out. The cushion comes into 2 varities, glow cushion that will give us dewy finish and perfect cushion for the semi matte finish. Both of them give you that healthy look. 

      It's melty jelly blusher that has semi-jelly textured. This super handy blusher comes in 3 different shade 01 Melting Cherry, 01 Melting Orange, and 03 Melting Stwarberry. They surely give you the natural look that you want. It is easy to apply and blendable. I love how it doesn't give me that sticky feeling as i thought before. Mine is in Melting Orange and i love it as ever. The melting orange doesn't have dead orange color but a hint of red within.

I am quite impressed of this luminizer because the color is not sheer at all. It is natural yet i can build it into blinding color. It has essential oil and hyaluronic acid as the ingredients i order to give the glowing  look. The color is more into silver than gold, i guess this one really suits the korean make up look. That's why they one have one choice of the luminizer. Well done Holika-Holika :D

The eyeshadow pallette wins my heart! Comes into two different pallettes, both of them is truly my type of eyeshadow color. The red packaging is for 01 Strawberry Caramel and the white one is for 02 Milk Caramel.  While applying the eyeshadow i notice that the scent is really like strawberry and milk, satisfying much. Safe to say that it's the korean eyeshadow pallette that has good quality of pigment, packaging and also scent. My new baby!

This texture of the melty jelly lip balm is similar to the melty jelly blusher. It's interesting tho that it has two different parts in a container. The strawberry shaped one has the red color, outside of it is the pink transparent one. Ombre is a good way to use this melty jelly lip balm.

This tint bomb has the same feeling as the usual liquid tint. Quite similar to lip balm that is hydrating but also gives the pigment that we need. For those of you who avoid chapped lips aftermath using the usual liquid tint, this tint bomb is the wise alternative! They also have 5 different colors that you could own. All of them is pretttyy.

All eyes on this hella cute hand cream. The sizing really suits my usual bag size, will bring it often due to the super handy size. This is the only product of the collaboration that has Poko (boy) character on. Can't resist the cuteness. All of the hand cream consists of she butter as the hydrating agent. The peach hand cream with peach perfume, mango citrus with mango plus citrus perfume added and grapefuit handcream with grapefruit perfume. What a sweet-scented hand cream to have!