Hello my good readers!!!!!
Long time no see. I hope your day was good. By title of my blog I want to discuss about what do you wear for daily? Or just relaxing in the mall? Or just meet up with friends in street? Impossible if you wear blazer or formal outfit. What did you think at the first time?? I thought I can wear t-shirt. How about you? Say yes if you same with me hahahaha

T-shirts are the safest and easiest to wear clothes. Everyone have this in their outfit. I’m paired tshirt with skirt and it’s all white. But if you want like trend style, you can combine with sneakers. This tshirt I got from onlineshop and really cheap. Fila was branded famous in young people especially teenager. Although it was cheap but have good quality. At first time open this package from onlineshop I’m not believe because this was really good if you know the price hahaha. As additional information too, this tshirt not original from FILA. But I really really love this quality. If you have a beautiful tshirt and you can have a good ootd J
My partners who took the photo was Ming you can check his Instagram @minkspeed_hsr . The location was in Pluit Village. if you are curious with my tshirt, lets scroll down.

The place was good and quiet. It was very comfortable to took the photo. Lantern lamp lights display too help adding a photo background to be good. I don’t forgot too with my partner who really good to took this photo, thank you Ming.
This outfit really recommendation to everyone especially the young people. But Everyone have style different too. 

So, how about you? you wanna wear this outfit or anyone else idea for this ootd? Let me know and giving me a comment in below.

See you in my next post :)