Sushi bar at Sushi Hiro, Neo Soho
Sushi Hiro - you might be familiar with this name. Known as one of the best sushi restaurant in town, Sushi Hiro has stole my heart for Japanese cuisine in Jakarta. Once we had a dinner at their first branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), and we were satisfied with the taste. This time we decided to have a lunch at another branch at Neo Soho, after had a great day with kids at Jakarta Aquarium.

The interior is decorated beautifully, just like their first branch. But I like this branch more than the first one. Not just because of the place which is more spacious, but they also open for the whole day, without split the opening hours like the first branch does. However, due to the rules from Neo Soho management, at this branch you can't grill your food (special for the grill menu) on the table. Instead, they will grill it for you at the kitchen, and serve it well done on the table. Don't worry, this rules doesn't apply to gyukatsu. You still can enjoy grilling your own meat on the table, which is a great way to eat this food.

As a starter, we ordered some recommended appetizer such as Salmon Carpaccio, Salmon Skin Fried, and also Beef Enoki Roll . OMG! They're all tasted heavenly good. It was the first time for me to eat carpaccio. The salmon was thinly sliced and dipped with simple tasty sauce. This carpaccio was really amazing.

Salmon Carpaccio - IDR 50K
My next favorite dish is Salmon Skin Fried with Mentai and Floss. This food might look messy and not appetizing. But it's super delicious. Unlike other Japanese restaurant which just simply deep fried thin slices of salmon skin, Sushi Hiro makes new innovation by adding floss and mentai. This combination make it more yummm than the original version.

Salmon Skin Fried with Mentai and Floss - IDR 55K
Gyu Enoki Roll - IDR 50K
Done with the starter, it's time for the main course. This time we didn't order gyukatsu anymore. Instead, we ordered dishes which make them so popular, sushi! First time we had a dinner at Sushi Hiro, we just ordered some simple sushi such as tamago sushi, a set of nigiri sushi, inari tuna sushi, and we liked it. We like the sushi rice that they served. It has a perfect flavor and texture. So this time we ordered more sushi to satisfy our crave for them.

Ebi - IDR 25K
Kani Mentai Maki - IDR 50K
Like I was expecting, their sushi was really tasty. But among all, there's one menu that I like the most,  Salmon Mentai Roll. No wonder it becomes a recommended dishes at Sushi Hiro. Must try!!

Salmon Mentai Roll - IDR 100K
Not just sushi, we also ordered Garlic Fried Rice as our main course. We love to eat garlic fried rice since our trip to Kobe, Japan. In Kobe, we were having a dinner at Kobe beef restaurant, and they served the best garlic fried rice, ever! It was the first time for us to eat garlic fried rice, and we fell in love with it since the first bite. However, it's really hard to find a delicious garlic fried rice in town, which comes with a fragrant of garlic. Usually it comes with plain flavor and tasteless. But this one is different. I would said that it has a very strong garlic flavor, and also a lot of blackpepper. Too strong for kids, but tasty for me.

Garlic Fried Rice - IDR 40K
Those fried garlic are yum!!

Before we ended our lunch time, we ordered the last dish to complete my meal, Hiro's Ice Cream. It's a dessert plate which consists of red bean, mochi, jelly, and of course - vanilla ice cream. I also like this dessert very much because it's not too sweet and so delicious.

Hiro's Ice Cream - IDR 30K
At the end I just want to say that our second visit of Sushi Hiro doesn't change my mind about them. For me, Sushi Hiro still the best Japanese restaurant in town, especially for sushi. And as an information, Sushi Hiro has opened their newest and biggest branch at Senayan City. I can't wait to go there because they have several special menu which only can be found at that branch.

Sushi Hiro
Address : Neo Soho mall UG floor - 105. Jalan Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28, Grogol, Jakarta 11470
Instagram : @sushihiro_id
Phone : +62 21 27893438
Opening hours : Mon - Sun 10AM - 10PM