Hello My readers!!!
It’s been November now. I’ m really excited for this month because December I’m going to Medan, my hometown. Talking about this month, I have many plan to do. But, first I want to change my self to be a good person before 2018 ends. It’s so hard I though.  Many things must I learn, be responsible, understanding. There are many problems that require us to be ready to face it under any circumstances. In my opinion that life is a journey that must be lived and studied,I don’t know how about you, maybe we have a different  thoughts.

Last week, I already make a list to take a photo with my sweet outfit. White colours was a good idea for the background photo. Trumpet-shaped long arms shirt and short skirt pants. I’m also already show this post in my Instagram you can check in this link (don forget to follow me ) Elsa Silalahi

The place I'll took a photo was in Pantai Mutiara. At 5PM I and Ming arrived in there. I though the photo was not good because it’s been late. I really love the sky in afternoon but I’m forget to take the photo LOL. Previous, I have been post about this place but I will told little to you. This place so good they giving a park playing for children, you can sitting in seashore while watching the sunset, they have a restaurant, speedboat, glider and shop speedboat. The restaurant was good, but really expensive hahaha so I and Ming just only took a photo J

You can saw the view such as building, sea and sunset. It was really beautiful and cool. I love this place. I didn't have time to enjoy this place too long because it was raining. So, we decide to going a nother place. 

My big smile HAHAHA

Detail of my Outfit :
  • ·        Trumpet-shaped long arms shirt : Executive
  • ·        Short Skirt : Avenue
  • ·        High heels : Iconinety9
  • ·        Bag : onlineshop (I’m forget what the branded)
That's all of my post. How about you? You have already  a list for November? You can telling to me. 

See you in my next post, don't forget to giving me a comment :)