Hello everyone, oh my God.. it's almost the end of 2018, November is here already! And of course, to begin a new month, I posted a new post, and named it Nude November, because here, I'm wearing a nude-colored outfit.

And, thanks to my photographer friends, Jovi and Salsa who took my photos here for this post, they are good photographers even they're still so young! Only 17 and 19! You should check their creations on their IGs @jovialfa and @coklattoreo ! We had this shot on Semarang Rest Area like 2 weeks ago.

Couldn't get enough with this photo session, dunno why I just really love all the photos xD So I couldn't choose which one's better ~

So, let's move about my outfit here. It's pretty simple, clean, but I really feel girly here with nude and white color combination. I'm so happy I got this nude top by @anunkaqeela.id , yeah actually that's a top, but because I'm a petite, I worn it as an outer xD And it looks really pretty with the frill detail ! 

This is a tips for petites like me, if you got/ had an oversized top like mine, don't rush to put it aside from your closet, try to wear it as an outer first, or maybe sweater if it has thicker material? Why not? Just be creative and don't be afraid to explore more in fashion!

I paired this nude top as outer with a simple white dress with lace details on the top part, and my favorite white platform heels. Then, it's done!

Simple, Clean and Pretty Look a la Milka:
- Nude Top as an outer by @anunkaqeela.id
- White Dress with Lace Details
- White Platform Heels - @mintandmauve (IG)

That's all for November's first post! I hope you gonna like it and be inspired more~ Always thank you for visiting and reading my posts on blog, hopefully that you'll keep supporting me by subscribing me, comment on my posts and keep in touch with me by my instagram maybe? Just don't mind to follow me, @milka.amelia for more updates from me!

See you on the next post!