Hai readers!!!
When you read this title, what do you thought?

aw..velvet right?? lately a lot of fashion introduces velvet materials ranging from clothes, shoes, bags and even accessories and I'm really love it. When it using velvet material, all of that it was look luxury. 

So, two weeks ago someone in instagram gave me a offer to buying some clothes and visited their web and their gave me a discount and it was be really cheap. Not only that they gave me a free shipping too. I'm so happy so much because i love this clothes. 

Can't wait to tell you all about this velvet crop top so let's scroll in below.

After two weeks ago I got this package from China, it's very long but I am not disappointed with that because this good quality. When I'm check this one in store Indonesia it was really expensive. 

Velvet crop top suit nude was really really soft, not rude at all. I'm just disappointed with the size. I thought it was really small make my body look so fat hahahaha LOL. 
I took this photo in Pantai Indah Kapuk beside of Flix Cinema. So there are many people who walk back and forth through this place so it was annoying to take photos. I have to wait until it's quiet. Many people saw me like "strange human" hahahaha who ever experince like me?? 

I tought this velvet crop top suit nude can be combined with anything such as crop top with skirt and t-shirt with pants. Soon I will mix and match this outfit in my instagram.

If you curious with this crop top, you can check their web  HOT MIAMI SHADES

and how about you? what your idea? giving me in comment.

See you in my next post xoxo