Good morning!!! this month I'm really love update this blog so i have many picture and experience want to share for you all.

so, today I'm using amazing dress, really love this dress because it's so comfortable. I'm going to Central Park to take a good photo. I and Ming going to Central Park after church and we arrive at 3 o'clock. And I thing it's a good place and have many spot to good background too. So here is my dress.

I'm sitting in front of the coffe door, and i don't really care about the dirty floor, cause i want a good photo for this post hahaha and it's so instagramable.

 I trying too edit this photo and I'm not really good one but it's oke because i have a humble reader who dont't care about it, i hope so hehehe

In this photo I'm sorry for my ugly face, i know it's not good to share but i love this angle when i hold on my bag to show you how cute it.

 I'm bored. so I and Ming decide to to enter the mall. Look aroud and walked searching a good clothes. Look at there was event and it was MAKE OVER evant. I love this product because more than my make up was make over.

Even though I did not attend this event, but I want take this moment because it was so cute. besides they introduced the product, they provide photobooth for their customer. It was so really crowded and more than people was a women who excited to take a photo. And here I am too hahaha

and there was many spot but I just take this background because it was really crowded, In mall I'm really sweating, I told to Ming to get out from mall and went to the park. I love Central Park mall because they giving a park to customer. In there we can just sitting with friend, familly and one more important who love a dog. You can brought your dog to this mall and meet up with a nother dog and they were really cute. Start from a little dong until super big dog. I don't really know of kind dog type. When I'm walk around the park i meet this little cute dong, his name i forgot I'm sorry hehe

LOL my face xoxoxo

Back to my style with red dress. the type of fabric used was very smooth and slippery and not easily tangled. You can saw my dress still good. After say goodbye with the cute dog, keep going until I find a good place that was often used for background in instagram. So let's saw my style 

I combine my dress with cute bag from bershaka and flat shoes pink one (no branded ). It was good combine I thought. The dress you can used it to party, hang out or just walking in the mall like me. It was really comfortable and I'm happy to have this one. I hope i can help you to find outfit and you can using this style too. But when you have experice same with me you can share in this, giving me comment and let me know what do you thought. 

What will i use next?? stay tune in my next post!!!
see you,