HOLLA!!! In a week I'm spending my time with working in office and make me so stress and need vacation or walking in mall or etc. So, I decide to hangout, rest my mind forgetting about my boring job. When I'm open my cupboard, I'm looking a good clothes. 

For this time, I'm using a simple outfit. Sometimes there are many girls want a simple outfit. They don't want to be too formal such me. When I'm going to mall or just walking in beach or hangout with friends I need a simple outfit. 

Simple outfit I means is t-shirt+skirt or t-shirt+ jeans and many more, but I choose one to share is top + skirt

T-shirt : Italy (no branded)
Skirt : Avenue
Sneakers : Ruby

I got this t-shirt from bazar, and is really soft and thin. And is not branded too. the thin material is suitable for use when outdoors. This top is so extrasize cause I choose size large and when i'm using is look good. This one trending in Korea girls using extra size so I follow them hahaha. 

Not only that, this beautiful t-shirt i'm mix with skirt and sneakers. I choose the green colours because it's good and I love it. I want to trying use stirking colours for my outfit. 

You can see this look in more picture, because my potographer took too many photos (he will laugh when read this one) hahaha. And you can choose the one that works best for you and send to me by DM or email. I will appreciate it. So lets check it in belom :)


my LOL face
Hmm I'm forgetting to explain about skirt. I got this one from Avanue brand, When i'm walking around Taman Anggrek mall i see this skirt and i love it. And you know i got this for discount too hahaha. are you also like me? This skirt pants have a strap next to it so you can tie it into a ribbon. The material is slippery and very soft.

For my outfit today, every one can using this. Young or adults must trying this look. Simple but beautiful and you can take a photo with a good background too. 

let me know if you have tried it and giving me a coment in below. Don't forget to follow my instagram too.

See you in my next post :)

Elsa Silalahi