October, is here already!
This is definitely my month, I guess <3 Hope that October will always bring me more joy and happiness, of course you too~
To spark this October, in this post I'm wearing a lil' bit sparkly outfit, that usually I've never worn. What does it like? Just read more here and scroll down, love!

Dressed-up in monochrome with extra sparks, I wanna bring-out a retro disco vibes on my outfit. Actually the sparkling thing isn't my style, but decided to give it a try and since I found a sparkly fashion item was on Sale, hehe. Look below for the full outfit photos!

I'm really sorry for my hair that looks so freaking messy because the wind blown quiet strong that day, and it made my hair became like this :v I hate bad hair day! And my face skin looks so pale here, even I thought that I'm wearing lipstick, but maybe I forgot to retouch it, hehe sorry, my bad. I'll look better after this!
But forget it, let's talk about my outfit details more, here is the list of my items I'm wearing in this post:

* Black Vintage Glasses
* Circle Earrings - Forever21
* Stardust sheer top - @theaubree (Instagram)
* Black sleeveless top
* Retro Rivets Belt
* White Waist-bag @chirukashop (Instagram and Shopee are available)
* DIY White mini skirt
* June and Julia Black Platform Heels

Nails done by @alolanailbar

Tomorrow I'll be having my mjid-term test, fyi I'm on my 7th semester already, wish that I could graduate from school as soon as possible, I took thesis this semester and prepared for my proposal writing idea. Guess what will I write for my thesis?
So, as an Communication Science Student, I decided to do a research from a movie titled, "Crazy Rich Asian", lol hahaha. That movie is so interesting for me, and I found a problem that could be my thesis main idea, it's Intercultural Communication. Because if you already watched the movie, you may find out that the main characters, such as Nick Young is a Chinese-Singaporean, and Rachel Chu, Nick's gf is a Chinese-American, with a super different cultural background that made Nick and Rachel's relationship is getting complicated.

Wish me luck for my thesis and my final year on school!
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