Aaaah weekend comes so, how's everybody going?
Mine is quite hectic
Anyway, eventhough my day not so good, but I'm super happy cause I got this one

So I join Maybelline #MakeItHappen Quiz on Maybelline Indonesia Facebook, every monday they're held this quiz
After between 5 -6 times tried this quiz, I became one of the winner.

As you can see, I got 3 Items, which are :
  • Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact Powder Honey Shade
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Black Currant
  • Maybelline Eyebrow Cream Pencil Brown

Now, it's time for the review
 Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact Powder Honey Shade
I've ever tried this product before with lighter shade, this compact powder is the best when it's come to coverage-thingy, with no foundie , you can already cover your dark spots, so this is helpful for everyday use and for going - out to store or shop markets lol
These Honey shades is the same as my face color /tone so it's like I don't use any powder ? haha
But if you prefer the compact powder who match your skin tones and your skin tone is more yellow-ish like me, this is the best fit for you

 Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Black Currant
I don't really like lip balm, because the texture soooo eh I don't know what the best way to describe it
I don't like my lips become so sticky so I never use it. But if you have dry lips or your lips condition is dried, you can try this product . It has slightly pink colour to it but not so much visible.

Maybelline Eyebrow Cream Pencil Brown
THIS IS THE BEST EYEBROW PENCIL I'VE EVER TRIED! why? because it's super long lasting. I'm generally, a person who really so sweaty all the time so my eyebrow on the corner always get dissapear but with this, my eyebrow still stay the same shape~ love it

I guess I can only do this review till here
see you on my next post