Welcome back to my review post again
This one is quick review, so I apologize if its not enough information for you all

Okay let's start it , shall we?
I always want to have dolly eyes make up, so suddenly I wanna try this
aaaaand...... you know, first I wanna try to buy shade #1 which is white but it seems the seller got twisted,..and tadaa here's the #4 shade comes to my house :( *but since the price rather cheap, I endure myself not to complain*

No #4 shade is Sunlight tear so it's a mix between bronze and pink shade
When first I apply it, it didn't appear so I try to re-apply it in my room..but when I try to look up in the mirror in the outdoor room......GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH....it's s blink blink pika pika asdfghjkl

So this is my suggestion for you..please not apply in room that hasn't enough sunlight...you will regret it
hmm...when I think about it, it's really suited the name...sunlight tear..yes, it appear so brightly in sunlight

Nah, I think when you're under sunlight...the shade appear is not too different from #1 White shade

and it gives you more warmy looks, so it can be useful to apply in daily life

but it's not smudgeproof though... let's say 2-3 hours it becomes a little messy, not looking the same again
but I say this one is long lasting and waterproof...

this one from 2 hours after applied it

Pros :

  1.  Long lasting
  2. Really gives you blink blink eyes
  3. Cheap price (IDR 60K or $4-$5)
  4. Waterproof
  5. Can use it into school or campuss

  1. Not smudgeproof
  2. You need sunlight or enough light(?) to see the shade
  3. little bit watery not solid enough so you must be careful

Rating 4/5

Repurchase : Yes,.. but in another shade..I still want to try the other shade

Thanks for reading

Happy sunday ^^