Before we ended this September, let me write 1 more post about Laneige products. But this time I will not just write a simple review as usual. Instead, I will compare 2 products from Laniege White Dew series, Tone-up Cream and Sherbet Cream. Keep reading girls ^^

Laneige White Dew Tone-up Cream and Sherbet Cream
If this is your first time with Laneige White Dew series, it'll be better if you read my review about Laneige White Dew Tone-up Cream, the first cream that launched together with White Dew series. I've written about this cream completely, so you'll understand about the function of Tone-up Cream. As the time goes by, lately Laneige just launched a new cream from that series, named Laneige White Dew Sherbet Cream. Some of you might be confused about these products. Well, let me help you to answer all of your questions.

What's the difference between Tone-up Cream and Sherbet Cream?
In simple words, Tone-up Cream, works as an instant whitening cream. After using this cream, you'll see the result just in seconds. The texture also very light, make it easy to blend. Even though it's claimed can hydrates your skin, I don't feel that way. Perhaps it's because I have a very dry skin and Tone-up cream is not designed to "fix" a dry skin problem. It's just work as a brightening cream - that's all.
Laneige White Dew Sherbet Cream
Meanwhile, Sherbet Cream has a very different texture with Tone-up Cream. It's very thick, and doesn't have any "color" - so it won't make your skin get brighter instantly. As you can see at the picture above, Sherbet Cream has a very rich texture, and yessss..... it's really hydrating. It's gonna be helpful to fix a dry skin problem as well. However, I won't recommend to use it in the morning, because the texture is too greasy. It will makes your face looks oily, even if you have a dry skin. That's why I use this as a night cream, to keep my skin hydrated during sleep at the Air Conditioned room.

Sherbet Cream vs Tone-up Cream

Are they really work as a whitening cream?
If you read my previous post about Laneige White Dew VIP Trial Kit, you'll know that the product from White Dew series that really gives a good result is the Original Ampoule Essence. I could see the brightening effect by using this essence only in 3 weeks. However, I won't say Tone-up Cream & Sherbet Cream are not showing a good result. I just finished my first jar for each cream, so I couldn't judge them. But, I just repurchased for them both, and I'll update it on my new instagram account @talkinboutbeauty for the result after finish the second jar. And a little tips from me, if you want to get a brighter skin tone faster, you might want to use the essence as well to boost up the whitening effect from the cream.

Which one is better? Tone-up Cream or Sherbet Cream?
You can't ask like that because they are completely different types of cream. But if you really want to try, I suggest you to try them both. Use Tone-up Cream in the morning to increase your skin tone instantly, and use Sherbet Cream at night to keep your skin moisturized.

After apply them on my hand. Can you spot the different?? The right side with Tone-up Cream looks brighter than the left side with Sherbet Cream.

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