So, this gonna be my very first post about The Sims 4 on this blog. Yay~!!

If you follow me on my Simstagram (instagram with TS4 feeds) or my Simblr (tumblr with TS4 posts), you should know that i looove to do recolors things. And now, as others do, i'll share my creations here too!!

And.... it doesn't just about recolors, if i have time, i'll share my lookbook, and my build.

You could download all of my creations on my second Simblr.

But, please please please, don't ever forget to download the mesh if it needed or you won't see my creations in your game T^T

Oh ya, i'll take recolors request, so feel free to ask me about that.

I think that enough for now, thank you for visiting my Blog and read this trashy things XD

ai laft yu,


p.s. if you think that my english is acakadut, i don't really care, but i lied, i do care. i tried to improve my english, trust me. you didn't need to tell me about that, especially when english isn't your first language.