Laneige White Dew VIP Trial Kit
Before I start to write a review, let me tell you a short story about my activities at this week :
Lately, my children and I were sick. We got cold and a very bad wet cough. This condition made us only stay at home, and took a lot of rest. I didn't went out, only took care of my children, cooked healthy food, prepared a lot of medicines, and not forgetting to check their body temperature every 15 minutes because sometimes fever also came. Honestly, those days made me feel bored and it was very hard for me. All those "activities" was driving me crazy until I had no enough - good quality bedtime. However, when the kids were sleeping, I have a little bit time for take a rest. At that time, I opened my photos on the camera, and upload it into my instagram's feed. This time I still work on my pictures from the last summer trip to Canada. Well, you might think it's too late and weird because I've back to my home 2 months ago, and it's still unfinished. Well, I'm a perfectionist person, and I want my post looks perfect (not just the picture, but the caption too). And if you see my itinerary, you'll know that I didn't have time to do that during the trip. That's why I always post about my trip after back home.

Now you might be confused and wondering, "What's the connection between that story and the title of this blog post?". So, when I was looking at the gallery on my camera, I just found some photos about Laneige White Dew VIP Trial Kit, which I brought on my Bali trip. It was around 7 months ago and I just realized that I haven't write a review on my blog about these products. Now, let's start to read about this travel set.

If you ever read my older blog posts, you'll know that I always use Laneige White Dew Tone Up Cream everyday. Beside that, you also will know that I wanted to try another products from this series as well, to fasten the result and brighten my skin tone, permanently. When I was seeing a trial kit from this series, I thought it's the right time to try it. This trial kit consists of 2 products from White Dew series : Tone Up Cream and Original Ampoule Essence. Since I've written about Tone Up Cream, this time I only gonna write about the essence.

Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence is one of a must product from White Dew series. This essence used after toner, and before day cream (or Tone Up Cream). Like other essence products, it has a transparant color. However, it has a gel texture, which made me think it's gonna hard to absorb. Because all I know, essence always comes in water (such as SK II Facial Treatment Essence). In fact, even though it has a gel texture, but it's very light, and easy to absorb. I really love it because I realized this texture can hydrate my skin.

Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence has a gel texture
First time I used it was in Bali, and I didn't see any result. Maybe because it's just 4 days, so I didn't feel any difference on my face. Next, I used it again for around 3 weeks on my summer trip to Canada, and I started to see the result. It hydrated my skin, and also make it looks brighter. The other things that I like from this essence is, it balanced my skin tone before using tone up cream, so my skin didn't looks pale. And the last, the brightening effect didn't disappear, even after I washed my face. I still could see my bare face  looks brighter and I satisfied with it.

Tone-up Cream vs Original Ampoule Essence
The result if I blend it together. It stilll unfinished, but as you can see, it doesn't have much difference with my skin tone.

Why I only use this essence while traveling, and not use it as my everyday skin care??
First, I still use other essence product at home, and I want to use it until finish to see the result. Second, I only have this essence on travel size which is very small, and it's perfect for traveling. FYI, I always bring a very light skin care products while traveling, and mostly on travel size. I hate to bring a full size skin care while traveling, because I know I'll buy more beauty products at that time, and I need a lot of space for that :P

My only skin care during holiday in Bali
However, after finish my current essence, I'll buy the full size of Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence, because it had shown a good result and it's perfectly match with the Tone Up Cream.