This brand is actually quite new for me. After googling it out, Heimish is relatively new for it just launched globally in 2016 and indeedly doesn’t take long to get caught by beauty lovers all around the world.

For starters, here’s a quick description about Heimish.


Brand ini termasuk cukup baru ya buat aku. Setelah googling kesono-sini, ternyata memang Heimish ini brand relatif baru juga, launch nya tahun 2016 kemarin. Tapi kayaknya cepet banget ya jadi favorit wanita-wanita seluruh dunia.

Sebagai permulaan, demikian penjelasan singkan tentang brand Heimish.


Modern and effortlessly chic. Heimish is a new Korean Makeup brand that launched in early 2016. Heimish focuses on individual’s uniquness and beauty. Makeup that lets YOU stand out, not the makeup itself. Heimish is a fresh and sophisticated cosmetic label that specializes gentle skincare and ultra wearable, highly flattering colors that fit your everyday lifestyle. Produced by a rising company in Asia, One End, the product line has wide range of products. Zero paraben and cruelty-free.

To be honest, this is my first time trying out a skincare product from Heimish. However, i’ve seen their bestselling All Clean Balm all around blogs and local online shops , yet haven’t gotten the chance to get my hands on it. Lucky me one of my favorite local online shop IVABEAUTE sent me this Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum for review purposes . Thank you sooo much, Mba Iva, for always being so generous to me!


Jujur sih ini juga baru pertama kalinya nyobain brand Heimish. Walaupun sebelumnya sudah lihat seliweran All Clean Balms nya dan banyak yang suka. Tapi aku masih belum sempet buat nyobain, kayak masih nanti-nanti ajalah gitu hehe.

Beruntungnya, kapan hari dikirimin Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum ini sama IVABEAUTE untuk direviewkan. Wah ya seneng banget donk ges! Makasih, mba iva.

About the product

Heimish Mist Serum is an ingenious, deeply hydrating formula designed to deliver refreshing moisture to skin any time of the day. 88% of this mist serum is Bulgarian rose water full of skin-benefiting vitamins and minerals. With the pH balancing, detoxifying and ultra hydrating properties of rose water, this mist-type serum quickly absorbs to refresh and hydrate skin. Fragrance, dye and irritant free, every ingredient used in this formula is safe and gentle with the EWG rating of only 1 and 2 , which means “low hazard” .

Ingredients :

Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Propanediol, Dipropylene Glycol, Niacinamide, Pentylene Glycol, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Glycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Choleth-24, Polyglyceryl-2 Oleate, Diphenyl Dimethicone, Triethylhexanoin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Adenosine, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA.

Imma talk about my skin a little bit before we jump on the reviews. Ive to learn that my skin is more dry-normal. Most of the times, my nose area gets so dried and flaky. I’ve been testing this product everyday for almost 2 weeks now an thus far there have been no signs of allergic to certain ingredients .


Sebelum masuk ke review aku akan bicara tentang kondisi kulitku sedikit. Jadi memang kulitku ini termasuk kering-normal. Biasanya di area sekitar hidung yang paling parah keringnya sampai mengelupas. Setelah melakukan test terhadap produk ini selama hampir 2 minggu dan tidak ada reaksi alergi dengan bahan-bahan yang terkandung.


It comes in a cute pinky box with white font and some gold-whitey-pinky jellybean-like graphics on the bottom which makes the overall packaging looks so catchy. The box is pretty informative, it contains both descriptions in Korean and English, thank God.


Produk ini hadir dengan kotak bernuansa pink yang lucu dan tulisan berwarna putih . Terdapat aksen lucu kayak jellybean gitu dibagian bawah dus, jadi memang terlihat sangat menarik secara keseluruhan. Cewek banget gitu ya. Dus nya juga cukup informative karena terdapat penjelasan lengkap dengan dua bahasa, Korea dan Inggris.

heimish-bula (6)heimish-bula (8)heimish-bula (9)

The bottle comes in a sturdy cylindrical plastic bottle with pink-white gradation. I thought the bottle is not see-through but when i take a closer look it’s actually quite transparent that i can see the product inside. There’s also some information at the back of the bottle but it’s in Korean so i’m kinda lost of what it said lol. In my opinion the bottle is just in the right size, it is not too bulky– definetely easily thrown in my carry-on bag.


Botolnya sendiri berbahan plastik kokoh dengan gradasi pink-putih. Awalnya aku kira botolnya enggak tembus pandang, tapi waktu diperhatikan lagi ternyata agak transparan juga jadi kita bisa lihat isi produk di dalam. Dibalik botol juga terdapat sedikit info produk tapi sayangnya bahasa Korea aja jadi saya gagal paham. Menurutku ukuran botolnya sudah sangat ideal kalau mau untuk dibawa-bawa karena tidak terlalu gemuk dan makan tempat.

The cap is also in white. Opening it, it has a spray nozzle (also in full white) on top to dispense the product. I have no problem with the spray nozzle, it is set to give a very light and fine distribution across the face.


Tutupnya juga berwarna putih bersih dan untuk mengeluarkan produknya dengan menekan spray nozzle-nya. Spray nozzle nya sendiri kualitasnya sangat baik dan tidak ada masalah. Semprotannya termasuk ringan menurutku dan mudah mendistribusi produk ke seluruh wajah.


I’ve always been fascinated by hybrid skincare products as i think aside of saving so much time, we also get multiple benefits all at once. Initially, i was totally convinced that this product was a serum that i cancelled myself from stocking up my almost-ran-out current favorite serum. ((Remember #1empty1newbie ehe))

Though, i was totally wrong! It is more of a multifunctional facial spray with a “power” of a serum that is able to penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into our skin.

Isn’t it starting to sound interesting, is it?


Aku ini memang selalu tertarik dengan skincare hybrid, karena selain dapat menghemat waktu, kita juga dapat banyak manfaat dalam sekali pakai. Awalnya, aku kira produk ini sepenuhnya serum sampai-sampai aku gak jadi beli serumku yang hampir habis. ((Satu habis baru beli lagi pokoknya))

Ternyata aku salah total! Jadi Heimish Bulgarian Rose ini merupakan spray wajah multifungsi yang memiliki kekuatan dari kandungan serum yang mampu masuk lebih dalam untuk mengantar bahan aktif ke dalam kulit.

Gimana mulai kedengeran menarik, kan?

As a dry skin survivor, rose water has become one of the ingredients that I look for most in skincare. In my opinion, this Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum has the perfect amount of rose in it; its not overpowering.


Sebagai pejuang kulit kering, rose water biasanya menjadi salah satu bahan yang aku incer dalam skincare. Menurutku kandungan mawar dalam Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum sudah pas, tidak terlalu kuat.


It has a fluid texture and comes in milky colored, i think its best to use as a hydrating toner or an on-the-go facial spray when the temps are scorching– especially if you live in an incredibly hot and humid climate.


Tekstur si Mist Serum ini cair dam berwarna putih susu, jadi menurutku bisa juga digunakan sebagai hydrating toner atau sebagai facial spray yang mudah dibawa kemana-mana terutama saat udara lagi panas-panasnya.

It does really give my dry skin an instant hydration and leaves it feeling very refreshed. Not to mention, the rose smell is really soft and relaxing. It absorbs quickly and not leaving a sticky feeling on the skin.

Other than that, this mist serum also can be used before or after applying makeup to make it stays on all day and give the face an extra healthy glow. Soooo me!!!


Mist Serum ini memberikan kulit keringku instan kelembaban dan menyegarkan kulit. Aromanya pun juga lembut dan bikin relaks. Penyerapan produk ke wajah juga cepat dan tanpa meninggalkan rasa lengket .

Selain itu, produk ini juga bisa banget dipakai pada sebelum atau sesudah menggunakan makeup untuk membuatnya lebih tahan lama dan memberikam kesan kulit sehat bercahaya.

Overall, i do really enjoy this product as a refreshing boost throughout the day and for an instant spritz of hydration. PLUS! This product is one of the most photogenic product ive ever used.

Pro tip. Feel free to put the bottle in the fridge to get more of a cooling sensation on a hot day.


Secara keseluruhan aku sih suka produk ini sebagai penyegar wajah dan semprotan kilat untuk kulit lebih lembab. Plus, si Heimish Mist Serum ini juga fotogenik sekali ya kemasannya.

Pro tip. Kalian bisa masukan botolnya ke dalam kulkas dulu supaya pas disemprot nanti ademnya lebih terasa.


Shake well the bottle. Hold it a few inches away from your and try to spray in an even layer when spraying on your face. Give some gentle taps so the product absorbs well into the skin.


Kocok botol dahulu. Pegang botol beberapa cm dari wajah dan semprot merata ke wajah lalu tepuk-tepuk lembut agar menyerap dengan baik

Where to get it?


SHOPPE : Beautycallindo