Hello everyone, back to my blog again~
It's Milka's 2nd post of this month, named this post "As Sweet as Creme Brulee", because my outfit color here reminds me of a dessert, Creme Brulee.
In this post, I'm wearing an outfit with brown, cream and whitish colors like Creme Brulee, lol xD

For this post, my good friend, Aji, helped me took all of the photos, he is a photographer too, thank you Aji for the great photos! Just visit his profile on Instagram to take a look of his creations.
And we chose Tekodeko Coffee Shop as the setting, because accidentally the vibes of Tekodeko matched well with my outfit.

Let's just check on my ootd photos below~

As you can see on my outfit in this post, I'm wearing a camisole, yes, but as an outer! This camisole trick may suits you who don't like to show your skin more. And unexpectedly, I matched my silky cream camisole with a simple white shirt with ruffle accent of the sleeves, it looks great! This camisole suddenly changing into cute image on me, meanwhile camisole usually will give someone who's wearing that a sexy image.

Sometimes I just need to be creative and brave to try mix and match my clothing items more, and I'll get a new look like in this post. Beside wearing it as an outer, for you who aren't confident to wear it alone, you can add a jacket, like leather jacket or a blazer that's so hype nowadays. Camisole suits to be worn with sheer top too, maybe fishnet sheer top, glittery sheer top, or any sheer tops that easy to be found anywhere. 

For you who are confident to wear camisole only without adding any other outer, or inner, it's not wrong too! It's cool as long as you are comfortable and confident with it! In my opinion, this kind of top, camisole can be paired with any bottoms, such as mini skirt, midi skirts, culottes, or even denim pants! For m fashion got no limits, just express it as you want, build your own image, and don't be afraid <3

a Candid one XD

Outfit Details:

White Top - ITC Mangga Dua
Camisole - ITC Mangga Dua
Skirt - Custom made
Fishnet Socks
Cream Heels - Charles n Keith

I paired my fishnet socks and my cream heels too, it looks great too unexpectedly XD, dunno why because that day I was so empty like got no idea, but it turned prettily like this hehehe, sometimes a hard time made you think and survive better,  rite?

So this is the end of today's post! Thanks for reading and visiting my blog! Hope that you'll be inspired and stay tune with my newest posts ~
Have a good day,