September is here already! Of course all of us will wish for a better days ahead with tons of lucks and happiness, me too as well :D
To begin the joyful September, I wrote this new post to be read by you all, hopefully you'll get some inspirations here.

In my latest post I told you my story abouy my anxiety problems and depression due to many things in my life, such as my social life, my job, money, school, or even my love problems. Well, now I'm getting better a little bit only, but I guess it's sill better rather than having no progress at all. Now after the people around me gave me lots of courage, love and their support, include my best, real friends, and my boyfriend, I wish I can smile more rather than spent my days crying like before.

I know. Smile suits me the most, right? :)
So I have to stay happy from now on and live my life more !

Here are my outfit photos, taken at Kapital Kopi, in Ngaliyan area. Thankyou Mas Dani, the owner of Kapital who took the photos :D

What am I wearing in this post? Dominant with bright primer colors, like bright blue and vibrant yellow, combined with the neutral white color. For me this look give me some 'spirited' and 'cheerful' mood, because of the ruffle details on my top, and the plaid bright blue skirt matched really well with my yellow sling bag.

Yellow Sling Bag
White Platform Heels @mintandmauve
Hair Ribbon @scasthelabel 

That's all for today's post. Have a great day and enjoy your weekend <3
Stay pretty and inspired,