I visited Lombok when new year 2017 with my family. It was our first time family-moment on 2017. Quite difficult to made time together because all of us has our own schedule. I have two worked parents with different job, one occupied older sister, plus college student little brother (we're in different university). We made this schedule so sudden just D-2, when my mom called me "are you coming with us?" And I definitely said yes!!

First destination after we just arrived was Seger Beach. There was totally great and amazing!! No kidding I haven't seen that kind pretty beach before. The water was so blue (in many shades) and so clear as crystal, a little wave, a cradle in the midle of the sea so you can just swing and feel the summer breeze and water as bonus, plus super shiny day ( as I heard from my daddy's friend that Lombok was cloudy and sometimes rain lately--I guess we were lucky that time).
At the same day, we also went to Tanjung An beach. There was beautiful too, even my mom said that the Seger beach was prettier but still for me Tanjung An kind of great beach too! After visited those beaches we just went to the hotel beacuse I can even felt my bones are broken.

Here the details:
Top: Hammer
Skirt: Surfer Girl
Sunglasses: Cartier
Scarf: Vintage

Second day, we went to historical place like Mayura palace (I used term 'palace' because it used to meeting point for kings there) and one more historical place that I forget. Thosw places are quite cool for you who love historical place and will be quite boring for the one who doesn't really into (like my mom, I can't even know how many times she told us to move to the other place). After we visited those place, we went to Pandanan beach (yeah, beach again because everywhere is beach right here. I mean, when we ride somewhere we will see beach over and over again). Honestly this beach not that pretty as we visited before but still it was beach!

Here the details:
Ruffle top: Stradivarius
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Sling bag: Cocolyn, Zalora
Rings: New Look
Shoes/sandal: Rubi

Jeans top: Matahari Department Store
Skirt: Surfer Girl
Neck-piece: unbranded, actuallt it was bandana
Hat: from Lombok
Sunglasses: Cartier

Basically, third day same as days before we went to beaches again. But the best part here when I was trying to surf at Selong Belanak beach because why not testing your adrenaline hormones? I actually very afraid because I can't even swim! On this day was new year eve and there were thousands fireworks but I was too sleepy and yeah I decided to sleep early.

Last day! We just visited Sade Village, a cultural place plus tourism place. At this village, they sell their own handmade weave piece. People there whose 40 years old above can't speak in bahasa, plus they usually marry their own cousin. We just visited there a little while because didn't have much time here and we need to chase the airplane.
Being there even if just for a little moment, such an amazing experience and yeah my skin getting tanner but still I'm totally happy!