Hi! Finally I'm back!
I've been at Sampang, Madura lately for my academic community service, in Indonesia as known as KKN. So yeah, tons of things my friends and I did there for helped the government to reach their goals (we helped enrich them with more educations about many things such as economics, health, environment). I found many things to learn, I found about other cultures, and the most significant thing about social/ human relations there.
Mostly I spent my time for reached their primary schools, teached about many things. Frankly I'm a kind of 'ugh, please no child' club but there I had no choice. So I did many interactions with them, and I found something cute about them. I remember when first time I went to their school, a bob-hair girl with sweet smile asked me "Hi. When will you come to my class?" (In bahasa) and I answered "Hi. Tomorrow we'll be on your class." She looked so happy and excited about our existence there.
(About my experience with child, I already posted couples pictures on Instagram you can check my Instagram @malisamalie)

Anyway, before my friends and I (in a team) spread away and back to our own life, we decided to go to somewhere. So we decided to go to 'Jaddih Hill' there was amazing and cool for taking much pictures. You can see the beautiful scenery from the top of the hill. I haven't reach the top anyway, because it was rain so we just took several pictures.

Been together approximately last one month and surprisingly I do really like these people. I may not really agree about several things about them, but it doesn't matter. I learned many things lately, especially about understanding others with their relevant or even irrelevant logic. Frankly when first time I went pessimistic, can I blend with them? But yeah, we made it! We shared many things, about laughs, silly things together and tons mocked same things we hate a lot (let's say nothing greater than couples people hate the same things). So yeah, I love these people, I think we're great team!