Hi Everyone 

A few days ago, I visited Clarins at Pacific Place Mall to have the open spa and skin spa. Clarins is a French skincare brand that has been established since 1954. Clarins is known for its unique treatment method that is performed manually (without the aid of a tool) and relies on massage or hand touch from trained therapists combined with Clarins products that are well-known for their plant extracts. 

Okay, I will explain further regarding their treatment. When I arrived at Clarins, I was welcomed warmly and kindly by the Clarins staffs. Furthermore, one of the therapists named Ms. Ria invited me to one of the rooms to fill out the form about my personal data, skin condition, and medical history, then we continued with a brief consultation to determine what treatment was suitable for my skin. After several minutes of consultation, I finally chose the "eye must" treatment for an open spa, and "body firming" for a skin spa. 

⇒ Skin Spa: Skin spa are performed in a special soundproof room equipped with warm beds, relaxing music, and soothing aromatherapy. Skin spa begins with an "awakening the sense" session which is the initial stage of treatment to relax the five sensory muscles so that they can receive the benefits of treatment. 

After that, the treatment is followed by "Firming Cocktail" session where the therapist applies Body Firming Cream-Mask and Hydra Comfort Supplement. At this stage, the therapist carries out specific techniques for the massage so that the product can absorb perfectly in our skin. 

When I was massaged, my body became very relaxed and comfortable <3

⇒ Open Spa:The open spa is dedicated to people who are busy and do not have much time to do skin care. You can do this treatment at lunchtime for people who are working because the open spa is only 30 minutes long. 

The open spa consists of 8 choices: 
1. Bye Dry Skin (for hydration)
2. Youth Express (for firmer facial features)
3. SOS Detox (for radiance)
4. Eye Must (for smoother, younger-looking eyes)
5. Men's Skin Fit (for vitality and tone)
6. Say "No" to Tension (for easing tight muscles)
7. SOS V-Shape (for refined, lifted facial contours)
8. All about Brightening (for restoring a brighter glow)

I chose "eye must" treatment because my eyes are swollen from lack of sleep. Open Spa treatment also starts with "awakening the sense" to relax the five sensory muscles, followed by the removal of make up, then proceed with the massage process and the application of moisturizer and mask on the face. What I feel after this treatment is that my face becomes smoother and more supple, and the swelling in the eyes decreases. 

⇒ Locations: 
-Clarins Open Spa treatment is only available at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta (Level 1) 
-Clarins Skin Spa treatment can be found in 3 locations: Seibu Grand Indonesia, Metro Taman Anggrek Mall, and Pacific Place Mall Jakarta. 

⇒ Price:
-Open Spa : IDR 300.000 (30 minutes)
-Skin Spa: IDR 875.000-990.000 (60 minutes)

That was the experience when I did the open spa and skin spa at Clarins. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service, Clarins staffs are really very friendly, expert, professional, and they always make us feel comfortable. 

Have you tried Clarins treatment? If you have, what treatment do you like most?