I’m currently using Innisfree Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. It came in a very big green tube of 300ml. I bought it on Althea Korea. I don’t exactly know why i bought it. I just saw a lot of Soothing gel reviews and i find that one. I decided to give it a try because a soothing gel is like a multi task item. With that, you can use it as a moisturizer, mask, sleeping pack, hair pack.

Front look

I tried it and at first, i don’t really feel anything (any effect) of the soothing gel. I thought it’s just an ordinary gel. It has no scent (sometimes, i smell a slight scent of aloe). The scent is not as strong as the Nature Republic one. Personally, I prefer the Innisfree.

After a few minutes, my first impression changed. I kinda love it because it did soothe my skin. My skin felt really moist and it felt so great. I use it as moisturizer sometimes and to soothe my scars. I hope the scar will get better or gone if i use it regularly.

The only thing that i don’t really like about this soothing gel is because it contains phenoxyethanol. As i mentioned in my previous post about Tony Moly Panda Sleeping Pack, phenoxyethanol is a preservative. And lots of “natural-based brand” use that for the replacement of parabean. I did some research about that and i don’t find a really great review about that. So, i’m not happy about product with phenoxyethanol. I even think that my body prefers parabean over phenoxyethanol. Both ingredients are not approved by Ecocert and i don’t like this fact either.

I’m really concerned about the ingredients in my products (food or skincare) because it goes on to our blood stream and if we consume a bad things, it will give a bad effect for our health. Back to the phenoxyethanol matters, in Japan and EU, this thing is allowed in condition that it’s used under 1%. But as we use lots of products regularly, the total amounts of this can increase. And that’s not a good thing i think.

So, i love this product because it does soothe my skin and i’ll see if it really works for my scars (i’ll give you an update about this in the future). But i’m interested to try on another brand called “Aromatica” if i run out of this product. Because that one is Ecocert-certified and i’d like to inform you about the difference effect after using it.

*Update info : it can't be used to diminish my scars, but we can use it as a first aid for a little wound we get when we use tight sandals or something like that.. it makes the recovery faster. 

So, that’s all for me about Innisfree Aloe Soothing Gel.
Stay healthy and maintain your beauty, byeeeee J