Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack Review

Hellooooo alll,
It’s been a long time since my last post and i’m sorry for that.
Now, i’m going to review this cute Panda sleeping pack that i bought from Althea Korea.
I bought it like a month ago, and I've been using the panda ever since.
I used it once or twice a week because when i first got it, i tried to use it almost every day and it caused me breakouts. Not really bad, but i’m not comfortable with it and after been searching about the sleeping pack things, i decided to use it once or twice a week. And i don’t get breakout anymore. It’s all okay now.
Ok, here is my review after been using this for a month ([’m still using the product ‘till now :)]
First of all, i have to be honest that i bought this pack because the packaging. It’s sooooo cute because it looks like a cute little panda (you can see the picture above). And i love the cuteness sooo much. Well, I can’t read what’s on the package because it’s in hangul, but the product mention the production date and the expiration date is a year after you open the pack (it’s written 12m on the pack). 
Other than that, the scent is sooooo good and refreshing :) i really love it. The texture of the cream is not thick at all and it will eventually absorb to your skin after few minutes.
Next, i’m going to talk about the ingredients:

You can check the ingredients' picture and i don’t really find anything weird or dangerous. Moreover, it said in other site that it’s free from parabean, mineral oil, etc (look at the picture below this). But it contains the phenoxyethanol, i’m not sure about this ingredients (I’ve done a research regarding to phenoxyethanol and i found out that this one is a kind of preservative may be a replacement for parabeans, but i don’t know if it’s safer or not). Plus, it still use water in it, i think that purified water or mineral water is commonly used in lots of skincare products and it might be better than just water (it’s just my personal opinion).
Anyways, i personally love this product because i think that it makes my skin get brighter and healthier. It also does moisturize my skin and in the morning (especially after using it), i feel so fresh and relaxed. So i think it does a god job for me.
Another thing that i love about this one is it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It might feel a lil bit stick for a couple of seconds but then the formula is perfectly absorbed to your skin once you apply it to your face.
For your info, I also use the cream as a moisturizer before i put on my make up (sometimes). It feels really good.

The product claims is to make your skin smooth and moisturized and i think it perfectly does its job so my conclusion is i like the product and i’ll continue to use this product and if there’s any changes or anything new i’ll inform you about the product.
Last but not least, this is just for your info. There are lots of sleeping pack brand. And this item is currently a hype as a night time skincare step for Korean (especially women). The one that really famous and in my wish list is the sleeping pack by Laneige [i hope i’ll get a chance to try the product one day :)].
Bye - bye all, thank you for reading this my personal opinion about the product. Please tell me your opinion about this and don’t hesitate to tell me (via comment or email) if you find my mistake here or if you have something to say about the product. I hope this review could be helpful for you :)
Thank you : D
Stay healthy and maintain you beauty.
See yaaaa

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