The Body Shop British Rose Soap Bar Review


I’m finally able to buy a real Body Shop item, and this one is one of  my MOST WANTED Body Shop item (yeayyyyyyyyy J)
I bought the soap bar and it’s smell soooooooo good. It has a very very pleasant rose flowery scent. And the package was well-wrapped and cute with pink package.

It’s the ingredients of the soap (Sorry for the bad picture quality):

The soap has a transparent texture. Inside the soap, you can see the rose petals (like what it’s said) or some flowers extract used in the soap. Other that, on the other side (the back side of  the soap), there’s something that tickle ur body while using it ( idk what it exactly is).

When i use the soap, the effect is super good for my skin. My skin gets brighten and it smells good. Unfortunately, the scent doesn’t last for too long.  Oh, well i forget to mention that it can be used as exfoliating scrub as well. It’s so nice.

The other thing that i think not so good is its moisturizing effect. I think the soap doesn’t moisturize my skin very well ( i have a dry skin). But i think it’s quite good for daily use. I’m currently using the soap and i’ll let you know if i feel something else beside the things i’ve mentioned.

There’s lots of Body Shop British Rose variants. Here they are :

Hope you have a good day,
Bye J