"He's a true life-saver"

When it comes to the word " life-saver", what's first thing that came to your mind?
but first, let me tell you my story...

There was a time when I fell down, right before I reached my goal. what I desired right in front of my eyes. Just a little bit more until I reached it. But, unfortunately, my expectation turned into a despair, I failed. I wondered, where I did wrong? , why me?, why now of all this time?, why god did this to me?
why why and why...
The immature me at the time would blame everything I could think of.

But then, I was shown a picture, a glimpse of what it would be if I  were to continue my journey.
If it weren't for the obstacle that I had, I would be so doomed. From this lesson I learned, sometimes at some point at our life, we had to fall down, break down to keep ourselves from the worst event that is going to happen. There must be something down there that we should pick up to continue our journey and to elevate our game.

"Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not." (2:216)

I believe that Allah may close certain doors and later we'll thank Him for it. always ... always husnudzan with Allah's plan. For Him, is the true life-saver.

Well, talking about life-saver., when it comes to fashion, it must be no other than denim huh? lol. (Such a wide gap,  I know, from a wise story to another kind of dimension. who cares, just doin' what I do, :p). When I had nothing to wear that denim jacket that hangin' behind the door would be my choice, simply because it would match literally with everything, what was it again? universal? yas, that sorta thing. (ps: this jacket was actually belong to some guy,hahahha)

Btw these shots were taken during golden hours. I love how it turned out, well thanks to some cool photographer who captured it perfectly.
A cool way to wear an outer is by... not wearing it?

Loving my burgundy colored outfits!