Aloha! It's friyay again..

So, it's another post when I went around and about in Jakarta. So, as per usual, culinary tour has always been on my list, I and my friend found this cute little cafe on Zomato, so I thought why don't we have a try?. 

 photo from Zomato

So, Welcome to Hula-Hula..!

It's a cute little shop with tropical hawaiian touch. They serve healthy foods and beverages , I think this place will be a great idea for you who want to hang out with friends but still wanna go on with your diet (which in my case, I often failed to maintain my diet when hanging out because I couldn't stand the urge to eat like them too, lol). Healthy food? checked. Insta-material mural painting? checked!

Menu at Hula-Hula

We ordered this soya milk and Chicken Taichi.

Also ordered a bottle of flamingo milk, a mixture of milk and home made strawberry jam, yummy <3

This chicken taichi bowl included black rice, chicken breast, tempe crisp, sunny-side-up egg, and pickles ! It's healthy but tasted really good.

They also provided many properties to assist your mandatory insta-feeds snap!
ukulele, I chose you !:p


Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No.10, Kemang, Jakarta


White T-shirt, ZARA
Yellow skirt, YUAN CLOTHING