Navy, Yellow and Flowers...

Hello dear readers, and hello September!

So, yesterday I went for a weekend getaway to Malang and Batu city, just few hours away from Surabaya using train. Wow, it's been so long since the last time I commuted with train in Indonesia, that was when I went to high school, I set my train debut from Bandung to Jakarta. It was a fun short escape where you can really feel the journey. Gonna expose my colorful escape later!

Anyway, can you spot my new dress? If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed that pattern that I can never resist, yuppp, it's STRIPES !! So this lovely dress that I'm head-over-heels-in-love with is a sponsored project I  received from Clozette Indonesia x Love, Bonito.

As soon I laid my eyes on the site, I spot this dress named Monae Printed Layer Midi Dress. Because as you know, 
* the pattern is to die for! stripes is like my best buddy and combined with the birdies pattern, things are getting outta hand, well in a good way <3
it is a midi dress, which is totes my style.
* those layers! When it comes to beautiful layers this  dress totally know how to pull it off, the one on the chest is the cutest way to cover my chest so that I can freely style my hijab without hesitating over "that" area,LOL.
* And also the detail on the hem, just like tulip isn't it?

So yeah those are why my eyes went wild and screamed THIS IS TOTALLY MINE when I first saw it on the web. And I thought it would be perfect for my weekend getaway trip and it's truuuu. When I received the dress, it is really well cut, very neat. The material is pretty soft made of Polyester, when I wore it I think it made me look slimmer it pointed out my smallest waist. I personally think it is worth the price which is IDR 595.000. This dress is suitable for an easy breezy casual day out. You can effortlessly wear it with no inner ( if you don't wear hijab) or you can match it with a plain inner in white, navy, black or yellow like mine. I think this dress which dominantly in Navy and white goes along with a mustard yellow so I decided to pull it off, which is I think, well, I sort of made it, hahaha. You can wear another accessories like straw hat, shades, straw or braided bag (which I don't have yet), for shoes I think you can wear simply everything, like mules, loafers, boots or even sneakers. So, you  can totally sign up for weekend!

Okay, btw just a brief about Love, Bonito. It was found in 2006 in Singapore and it was launched in Indonesia in 2015. So, you can purchase the goods via web,

Online shopping is like my first hobby. I even ordered foodies online now (thanks to the online ojek),lol. So, talking about my experience while purchasing this dress, it was easy peasy just one click, your lovely outfit will arrive at your doorstep.

So, all you have to do is just head to their site (, I recommend you to sign up to have an account so that you can repeat your order later without writing your data over again, and then just scroll through the collection, put your favorite goods on the cart, check out and choose your payment method and shipping options.

Is anyone up for a discount?

This is the dress I chose *love struck* you can see the outfit in details.

The description provides all you need to know about the item. Don't forget to check your measurement ! (For me, thank god, I barely fit the dress, few more pounds it'll be a tear-jerking moment, lol).

I chose the express shipping because I've just always been that excited to wear a new outfit,lol. The payment method I used was using bank transfer via Mand***, because there's only bank transfer method available here. Well, I think it would be helpful to add some more payment methods, such as using credit or debit card, clickpay, or using the virtual account ( when you wired the money, you don't need to confirm the payment, it's automatically verified and proceeded) which have been widely applied in online transactions these days. But it was no big deal, because they responded everything pretty fast (during weekdays). You can just wire the payment and then confirm it later at the "confirm payment" section so that they can proceed your order. So just sit back and relax 'till it is delivered to you <3

Well, that's quite a review about my shopping experience at Love, Bonito. Their collections are to die for, check them out, if you love their pieces, do yourself a favor, put in on your cart or else it'll be sold out in no time because their pieces are usually in high demand, don't say I haven't warned you!

To wrap this review up beautifully, here are some snaps dedicated for my lovely dress during my walking-down-the-flower-aisle days..

Yellow-Navy combo, my kind of addiction lately

Tulip hem is love

For hijabi, the layer on the chest is so helpful to cover our aurah part, in a beautiful way <3

Straw hat? yes maam!

Ser you on the next review, toodles !

Location :

Amarta Hills and Resort, Batu city, East Java.