Hello dear reader,

Sorry been away , it's still Syawal, so I think it's not too late to say Eid Mubarak everyone !! hehe. Well, currently I'm staying in Surabaya for some time. Guess it won't hurt to stroll around and take some pictures right? :p here's how I spend my weekend in this city.

Started off my day with a shade of Tiffany Blue! Found this cute little cafe when I browsed where to find the instagram-able spots in Surabaya, and there you have it !

Btw these shots were taken with my new camera, Olympus EP-L 8 with a fix lens, 45mm f1.8. I used to use a DSLR camera which actually captured pretty good shots, but recently I just find it too heavy and bulky to be carried everywhere, even more when I'm travelling and transferring the photos to smartphone could be a pain in the ass. So I decided to replace it with this camera which took me months to decide.

Apparently, this camera isn't disappointing at all (at least for me)! I'm not a fan of mirrorless camera to be honest (I had one but quite not satisfied with it), that's why I've been batting around whether to have it (again) or not. But after having my own research about some cameras, I think this camera fits me the best. May be I'm gonna do a review about this camera later, not as a photographer tho, because I'm not a decent photographer yet, but more like from the eyes of blogger  and socmed enthusiast :D.

Loving this belt, it can go well with any oversized outfits like shirt, tee, kimono <3

Loving the Tiffany Blue situation >.<

Here comes the age where women use corset and bra let as an outerwear, LOL :D

I ordered some foodies, but too bad, they're gone before I knew it. So, this one was my friend's which I told her not to eat it before I captured it, lol.


Dusty Pink Top, ZARA
Polkadot Pants, PULL & BEAR
Slip On Sneakers, SKECHERS


Butter  and Bean
Marvell City Mal, 2nd Floor
Surabaya, Indonesia.