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This urban legend is very popular in the 90's in Japan. Many Japanese teens who believe the truth of this story, so they don't dare their ears pierced.

The story begins when a junior high school age girl whining to her parents to allow her ears pierced. She said that all the girls in her class had their ears pierced, only she who has not.

Both parents initially did not allow. However, because the girl whine constantly, they also eventually allow it. The girl's parents then gave her some money and told the girl to pierce her ears at a jewelry store in a mall that is reliable near their homes.

But the girl thought differently.

She wants to save money given by her parents and decided to pierce her own ears. And she asked his friend to help her ears pierced. They use a needle that is heated and then inserted into the girl's ear lobe. she was very ill, but when she saw the results, she was very satisfied. she can now wear earrings and appear stylish like the other girls at her school.

But the next day there was something strange.

She woke up in the morning because of extreme itching in the ears. Apparently her ear lobe piercing looks red and inflamed.

Not only that.

Looks a little white thread sticking out of the hole that she made ​​yesterday on his ear lobe.

Feeling curious, she pulled the thread.

The thread was very smooth and long. she pulled it constantly, but as if the thread was not inexhaustible.

Feeling impatient, she took the scissors and cut the white thread.

Suddenly everything went black.

She was hysterical and called his parents.

Her parents were frantically rushed her to the hospital.

"Why did you become like this?" Asked the doctor who examined her.

The girl then told him everything.

The doctor replied with a sad voice, "I'm sorry, but I must say that you will experience it all your life."

"Why?" Asked the girl, choked.

"White thread that you were not just any piece of white thread."

"What is that?" She asked, exasperated.

"It was fibril eyes."

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