Good day, everyone! Here is my second post of August! Of course to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day two days ago, exactly at 17th, here I'm wearing an outfit that matched with Indonesian National Flag's colors, such as red and white. In this outfit, you can feel the retro vibes too, because currently I'm in love with retro-themed things, include fashion style.

Thank God, I got a white-list pants from @kumiroom and it matched my fashion post concept, which is Indonesian- themed post. Then I matched that pants with my red top, and added white waist-bag, post-man hat that give 'retro' vibes on my outfit. Thank you @kumiroom, this is one of my fav pants now!

Let's check my outfit photos below!!

I'm wearing:
Red top by @modevrouwencloset
White-list pants @kumiroom
Black booties @mykvollshoes
Waist-bag @chirukaShop

Lately I don't feel really well, because I discovered if I had a problem with my mentality, which is Anxiety Disorder, I can't explain to you what is the exact meaning about it, but it kinda disturbing me and my life. You know me, I got stressed easily, and I'm a thinker, I think about almost everything in my life, especially the bad things :( Like my trauma in past, my society, my surroundings, money, work, school and everything.

Another thing, I almost lost my trust to people nowadays, because yea... I just realized that I got 'back-stabbed' by people out there, and I didn't realize it at first, you know, it hurts me, a LOT. Because the first one thing I hate is being lied to, and I hate a two-faced person. Damn, I got more anxious day by day, I only got my boyfriend and some of my bestie to help, even sometimes they weren't success to calm me down when my anxiety came.

I just hope that I can recover asap, and I wish for a better and happier life. I know, it comes by myself first, and I should try to fix my life, my mind , my heart first..

Well, I guess that's all for today's post. I hope for a better me as soon as possible, feel like a burden for my relative because of my disease :(

Thanks for reading my post, have a great day my lovelies <3