Hello everyone, it's already mid-August, and I just got back from my Community Social Program in Tegowanu Wetan around two days ago, really, time flies so fast! Thought that I won't survive for 21 days there, but now it's ended already! LOL.

Got so many experiences there, such as knowing the education background and activities in it's elementary school, which is not as modern/ sophisticated as schools in town. Me and my group, helped the school in Tegowanu Wetan, developed new interesting things to be learnt there, and got to know many new people and culture there. So happy, all of our programs went well and finished in the right time.

Well, I won't tell about my CSP more because I know it will be boring xD, so we need to move to my outfit post here <3

Collaborated with @eves_haven (Instagram), got this cute pink bralette, thought that it won't suit me, but when I'm wearing it, I love it! Just check it all out!

I'd like to thank my friend @brewoktebal_ and @ajiriz_ who took and edited my photos so well <3 You are the best, bruh!

Most of my friends told me that the color of this outfit suits me so well, and I looked like a princess xD Is it? I love this outfit too, I look so elegant and feminine in the same way! 
So the pink bralette is from @eves_haven , the broken white maxi skirt is from Little Muses, The nude clear heels is from Thesa Kristal. Added a lace flower earrings from Diva Aksesoris. I dressed simply, but it looks so charming, lol xD

We took my photos at OHANA Cafe Semarang in Sisingamangaraja area, I love the architecture and interior there, it has minimalist and clean vibes. Ohana is recommended too if you wanna have a photo shoot <3

Anyway, compared with my previous post, which outfit style you loved the most on me? The feminine, elegantly like this, or the retro, 90s outfit like my previous post?
Just drop your opinion on the comment section, see you on the next post!
Thanks for reading my post, have a nice day~